The New Years Concerts

The whole Hunan TV show was uploaded at MyChineseDrama@yt. Part 1 here. For tons of pictures of the performers go here.

My favorite performance from Hunan: Yu Haoming + Liu Xijun – Bei Ji Xue

More vids of what happened at Taipei aiyatheydidnt has a great  post with most of those.

For Jiangsu TV no one really uploaded vids, so here’s Sina’s vid of my most anticipated performance from Jiangsu:

Joanna Wang out of semi-hiatus

Fayewongtoday has a post on Faye Wong attending her friend Na Ying‘s much anticipated New Year Concert.

34 thoughts on “The New Years Concerts

  1. hate the chipmunk sound but it’s not bad
    the boys vocal sound good =]

    i wonder if amber speak anything other then English… never heard her speak Korean or Chinese

  2. Hi,I’m hankyung fan in China.We knew that hankyung wouldn’t appear on Hunan TV in December 30, 2009.So hankyung’s fans didn’t go there to watch the concert.The other fans cried when they saw only 6 person on stage.But they gave them the best support especially for Kyuhyun.Because we worried about him.Whatever he said,we clearly knew that he still loves his brother,and he is the one that Hankyung most loved. The next day lot’s of fan send them to leave ShenZhen,they look better.

    No one wants to see 12-SUJU,but in December 28th. 2009, Hankyung’s lawyers announced that he would not participate in any activities related to SM until the lawsuit end.This case is more complicated than TVXQ’s.It’s hard to say the result.

    They didn’t stand on Hankyung’s position when they dance.The singing part of him is replaced by Donghae.But Donghae just lip-sync and play the recording of Hankyung.

    When the performance ended,SJM bow to all audiences about five or six seconds.The picture didn’t play in the broadcast ….

  3. I guess it’s ok. But some people just don’t click on links….
    There ARE videos though… so it’s good I think.

  4. the nobody song…. x.x””’
    their voices didnt project well either (or maybe it was my sounds system…) the whole thing would have been much better without that little ….stunt

  5. I’ve just finished watching the rerun on Hunan TV and Wang Leehom actually the last act. He sang Kiss Goodbye. I was so surprised! no one mentioned that Leehom was gonna be there. :D

  6. …ah.

    Well, I can’t wait to see how the five girls from Super Girls doing ‘Nobody’ is going to come across on the Korean side…

    = _ =

    But I’ve been so busy lately! Gotta catch up on all this forummy business and things. Happy new year, everyone! Hope 2010 is full of goodness for everybody~! : )

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