Guo Jingming Sells Close to 40,000 Copies of “Tiny Times 2.0” in 5 Days


Yesterday afternoon, Guo Jingming appeared at for the first national internet signing event for Tiny Times 2.0. His influence was so large  that, as of 5PM of yesterday, Guo Jingming signed 38,553 copies of his new book. In order to grab a chance to talk with the idol online, his crazy fans spammed the screen nonstop to the point of causing a server shutdown of

The first installment in Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times series, was released over a year ago, showing a sharp change in direction from his previous style,  focusing on Chinese urban youth. Despite the fact that Tiny Times 1.0 already dealt with dark subject matter like rape, Guo Jingming has said “Tiny Times 1.0 is like a fairytale compared to 2.0.” Hunan TV acquired the copyrights for a drama version last year, although it has not started production.

– partly translated by ixiedin


27 thoughts on “Guo Jingming Sells Close to 40,000 Copies of “Tiny Times 2.0” in 5 Days

  1. 40000 isn’t much considering one of his other books sold 1million in 10 days.

    but Tiny Times 2.0 isn’t in stores yet, and plus, it’s a serial, so people have already read it in his magazine.

  2. is there any of his book actually translated into English? would liek to read some of his works but can’t read chinese wish i knew, only know some characters and that because cdramas always have chinese subtittles with it haha

  3. I think Jin ensheng was really a special case that just happened, i dont think they planned to have him at the beginning from the way they talk about it.

  4. Rumor has it that the super girl group will consist of li yuanxi, pan chen, pan hongyue, tan lina and liu meihan. I don’t know how accurate it is. I always thought it would have 7 members.

    Do you think they’re going to include a foreigner like Jin Ensheng?

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