Guo Jingming Sells Close to 40,000 Copies of “Tiny Times 2.0” in 5 Days


Yesterday afternoon, Guo Jingming appeared at for the first national internet signing event for Tiny Times 2.0. His influence was so large  that, as of 5PM of yesterday, Guo Jingming signed 38,553 copies of his new book. In order to grab a chance to talk with the idol online, his crazy fans spammed the screen nonstop to the point of causing a server shutdown of

The first installment in Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times series, was released over a year ago, showing a sharp change in direction from his previous style,  focusing on Chinese urban youth. Despite the fact that Tiny Times 1.0 already dealt with dark subject matter like rape, Guo Jingming has said “Tiny Times 1.0 is like a fairytale compared to 2.0.” Hunan TV acquired the copyrights for a drama version last year, although it has not started production.

– partly translated by ixiedin


27 thoughts on “Guo Jingming Sells Close to 40,000 Copies of “Tiny Times 2.0” in 5 Days

  1. The English Guo Jingming articles are so generic and incredibly wrong. I feel like they didn’t really do research at all.

  2. Oh and yeah Chen Kun’s album was strange. I was really looking forward to it, but his style completely changed. His voice is lovely but I miss his jazz from his first two albums. I guess a richer company isn’t always better.

    What bothers me a bit about the urnobody thing is not that one person. I like to predict things, and what I fear is that as Cpop gets bigger and bigger and diversifies, which it definitely will, is that there will be greater and greater animosity between the two groups, and more and more mud-slinging. It’s not going to be pretty, those next few years, if that’s true.

  3. ^ Ugh seriously? Like it’s the Kpop fans that should be mad about that?

    I have to wonder at how the obscure idolgirls got spread in Korean news, all the Korean news portals. They’re barely on the radar in Chinese news at all.

    And it’s really annoying to hear that Chinese news like Sina are not reliable bc of the Han Geng thing. In contrast to idolgirls, it SM’s global push put Chinese news in that situation where they had to report on the affairs of another country, which has, in my experience, always led to generalizing and mistakes whether it be BBC or NPR.

  4. @Julie
    haha. trueeeeee. sorry about that. XD

    OOH.. well I think the low ratings started when Urnobody uploaded Idol Girls and people started rating it one star. I subscribed to her account and notice the change in the ratings… oh well.

  5. It’s probably a jealous cpop hater. I’m pretty mad too, I bet tc worked much harder than whoever that person likes. Sigh… So many haters on the Internet.

    As for chen kun’s new songs… Not a huge fan. But still omg CHEN KUN!!! Eek

  6. @julie

    It probably is a coincidence.

    I’m just annoyed at finding all the marked down songs. Someone replied to a comment I left on fountainpark723’s Chen Kun song upload, and when I clicked it, it led to urnobody’s uploads of his album on the “related videos” side bar. So I clicked those because I hadn’t listened to it yet, and almost all his songs were like 4 stars or something. Then I clicked around at the other Chinese singers, and they were all like that. Even Top Combine.

    It’s really annoying because I know TC and Li Yuchun worked hard on those albums. They were both personal albums for them. (Not sure about Chen Kun, lol – anyone listen to his?)

  7. So is it just a coincidence?

    I feel like if chris released the songs after taeyang, there would be bashing against her. But none for taeyang. Gosh even YouTube is biased.

  8. I don’t think YG plagiarized from Li Yuchun, because songs take months to record and it’s only been three months since August (her release date) and November (WD’s release date) . But the whole thing just annoys me.

  9. Umm… I found it on Zhidao Baidu so I’m not sure how accurate it is. But it does sound legit.

    Hmm… I really want to hack inside that person’s YT account and send him/her a million viruses.

    Cfensi, you should write an arcticle titled “Taeyang of Big Bang copies Chinese singer- YG strikes again”

  10. OMG i’m going out of my mind wit ppl saying that Chinese always copying Korean music. i wish i could slap them so bad right now but i’m going to be the bigger person and go meditate now…

  11. @julie – Can you tell me where you found out? I suck at finding detailed schedules, release dates etc.

    You know what’s really annoying? Some idiot is rating all the Chinese music at urnobody’s account 0 stars. Top Combine, Li Yuchun, and Chen Kun, etc

    And what’s really annoying is that people say this Li Yuchun song, her composition, sounds familiar to Wedding Dress.


    I looked up Wedding dress, and it was released after Li Yuchun’s song was released; it was released back in August with her digital album, and has only just been released as an actual album.

    YG is the one with plagiarism issues and tons of songs with bits and pieces that sound like other songs, not eeMedia and not Tai Rye.

  12. @julie – 40,000 is pretty good for a book , and besides these were just the presales for five days I think not really a total or anything.

    Also you have to take into account that China’s market size is not China’s population. As of right now China’s market size isn’t quite at Japan’s, although it’s growing quickly which is what makes China’s entertainment (and business) industry exciting.

    There’s enormous potential, especially if the Chinese gov tackles spreading the wealth like it has been. The underdeveloped western regions rose 12.5% in 2009, 4.8 points higher than the national average.

  13. Yay. Congrats to him. I have yet to read Tiny Times 1.0 yet. =(

    I’m going to order a copy on Amazon.

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