The New Dream of the Red Chamber Trailer and Photoshoot

Li Qin (Young Xue Baochai), Jiang Mengjie (Lin Daiyu), and Yang Yang (Older Jia Baoyu) in InStyle

Even though there have been many trailers already for The New Dream of the Red Chamber, the previous ones tried to only convey an moody ambiance. This new trailer actually had dialogue, and shows off the beautiful camerawork and sets. The total costs of production for the 50-episode  series reached 118 million yuan (for comparison, even the elaborate sets of  The Message cost around 50 million yuan), but the producer, sounding much more confident than in previous reports, said that the costs should be definitely recoverable.

Vid thanks to fountainpark723.

Part of the reason for the confidence is the buzz around the series, despite the early criticism over the hairstyle. The cast has already been in three photoshoots already, in L’Officiel and iLook magazine, and most recently for the Christmas season, in Instyle. More pictures of the young three leads in Instyle China here.

The project is the culmination of the efforts of one of China’s most famous directors, the only(?) female director of China’s fifth generation, Li Shaohong. Known for her focus on the relationship between women and society,  she works back and forth between television and film. For this series, she said she wanted to make a “Hong Long Meng” to last for the ages and once this begins airing on Chinese New Years, we’ll know if she succeeded.


73 thoughts on “The New Dream of the Red Chamber Trailer and Photoshoot

  1. Wow…you may be right. It makes more sense that it would air around new years, but crap that’s long.

    I say plan for a May release, especially since release dates get pushed back all the time.

  2. @cfensi…. Hmm, I remember reading somewhere that its going to air on the 5th month. It was a Chinese article.. here it is ^_^ “新版《红楼梦》将于2010年4、5月起,陆续在全国各省台播出,而唐一菲饰演的秦可卿将集中在前7集中。本报记者 露耘”

    my Chinese isnt the best but doesnt it say around april or may? ~itd be great if it was February though

  3. @Billy – I think it’s going to air around Chinese New Years? That’s what all the articles have been saying. Where’d you see May?

    @Neph – Thanks for the site! I’ll make a post about that and other Cfensi stuff once you tell me the link.

  4. Regarding TC still singing Cotton Candy and not promoting Fan Xing as much, I wonder if it’s also possibly because Fan Xing’s MV hasn’t come out yet? Also, it’s not abnormal for bands and artists to perform hit songs long past the original promotional period.

    That said, it IS true that there’s no breakaway song in their new album, in terms of popularity. This may be because it’s hard to focus on a single song when most of the songs are of roughly equal quality, whereas of the EP, Cotton Candy was significantly better and more notable than the other songs. It might have been wiser to choose one of MXY’s compositions to start off with instead of QTDS, though, because QTDS is in the style of Arrival instead of Cotton Candy…

    As for the forum, I’ll post the link up around nine-ish tonight, hopefully. Shoutbox is now operating on realtime, after a bit of fiddling around with code. :)

  5. hmm, checked this out a few days back. it looks fantastic as expected. I do believe in starts airing in May in China… right?

  6. Glad to see MIC doing well. I think out of all the boy groups in china, they have the most guy fans. LOL

  7. Yeah, Cotton Candy was epic… I doubt Ma Xueyang can top it with his other compositions- and I’m really worried. Btw, How’s tcs album sales doing?

  8. ^Think idolgirls going to last? I thought it was smart of them to first debut their girls, due to the lack of girlband competition, but now I’m not so sure. They seem to be lacking the momentum needed to get off the ground.

    MIC on the otherhand is picking up momentum:

    They performed MJ:

    The Yi guy Zhao Yongxin, the vice captain, is hot.

    @julie They’re probably singing Cotton Candy because it was such a huge hit. While their album was better than their EP by miles, nothing is reaching the widespread popularity of Cotton Candy. I’m worried.

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