Tai Rye Music’s New Boyband M.I.C to Debut in LG Lollipop CF

We first read about this group in a  fascinating article  in the business section of the entertainment news. In it  mainland label Tai Rye talked about the costs of producing the boyband, first spending a year going to various art schools and talent locations in China to select from thousands. Then they picked 50 kids aged 15-17 to go to Beijing and train, eliminating a few each week. Finally, after three years, the group MIC was formed with 6 members, with a long-term investment of millions including choreographers for American artists like Madonna. The only thing they have mentioned in their upcoming lineup however is LG Lollipop phone commercial for the China market, which has emerged recently.

Making of LG Lollipop CF for the China market (with girlgroup f(x))

The LG gig may not be the smartest way to debut since there’s already a  boyband called Lollipop already, also with six members, which will just lead to confusion.  Furthermore, for the commercial,  LG basically rehashed their  concept from their Korea market CF, which will  probably lead to trigger-happy people accusing them of being rip-offs.

However, unlike some Chinese boybands that have come and gone, they can take the heat. They are with Tai Rye, a big, established Chinese record label, with unique singer-songwriters like Peng Tan and Long Kuan signed. They are also the record label of Li Yuchun (managed by eeMedia if anyone is confused on that point)  who, before she starting composing for herself, was provided  with  great songs by Tai Rye. That means these guys should have good music, and the connection with Li Yuchun would probably win them spots on Hunan TV. And hopefully it means that since almost the entire rest of Tai Rye composes now, these boys will too one day.

China seems to be starting on the “training” method now with their groups. I really hope the market is big enough to return that investment for the companies. Competition is getting stiffer and stiffer in China’s nascent boyband. BOBO and HIT-5 have all pushed their releases to next year.

…btw, I have no idea why this group is being called Boys 6 in other place. The name is officially MIC, but I tagged this with boys6 to clear up confusions with those who might be searching for their info.


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The profiles were done with google translator because I don’t have the time to really translate  now, so it might not quite make sense, but editing will come later. Interestingly, all are from different provinces in China, one is an ethnic minority Yi (the same ethnicity as Zhang Liyin) and another is from Central Conservatory of music.

Wang Hao 王浩 (captain)
Birthday: May 17, 1987
Ethnicity: Han
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Features: POPING
Hometown: Liaoning, Dalian
Interests: music, dance, billiards, basketball, swimming
Favorite Weather: sunny, not cloudy, doesn’t like places where there is no light
Favorite Color: green, yellow, white, red, bright like
Favorite Food: Red Apple, barbecue, raw seafood, fried cicada
Favorite Artist: Andy Lau, Odie
Favorite singer: Brian Mcknight, Beyonce, Eric Benet, Ne-Yo, Baby face

Zhao Yongxin 赵泳鑫 (vice captain)

Birthday: August 25, 1988
Ethnicity: Yi
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 181cm
Weight: 70kg
Features: lyricist, composer, piano, guitar, Hulusi, Sachs
Home town: Lijiang, Yunnan
Hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, Table Tennis, Bowling, Skiing, Skating and so on. I would also like to watch movies, DVD collection close to 1000. I Like to go shopping, see something they like it will move no further steps, they are all fantasy with his. Enjoys watching and understanding a variety of folk art and culture.
Favorite Weather: sunny, cloudless
Favorite color: black, white
Favorite food: hot pot, hot pepper sauce and other spicy foods
The most regrettable thing: did not let Grandpa was still alive, see me on television when he passed away, I have not seen his last one, which I think is especially sad … …
A special title: “Small Xin” (all my friends are so call me)

Xiao Shunyao 肖顺尧

Background information:
Birthday: March 23, 1988
Ethnicity: Han
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Features: Rap, Hip-pop, Krump
Home: Qinghai, Xining
Interests: love sports, basketball, football
Unfortunately, things: did not the army, I really want to have the opportunity to be able to perform the role of the military.
Like the weather: rainy day
Favorite food: Meat
Favorite singer: MJ EMINEM
Favorite color: purple, black, red

Ci Yuehan 池约翰
Background information:
Birthday: July 20, 1989
Ethnicity: Han
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Features: choreography, HIPHOP, B-BOX
Home: Zhejiang Wenzhou
Interests: everywhere, comfortable travel, basketball, computer games, adventure
Education: Graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music Department of Middle School Musical
Like the weather: Large sunny
Favorite food: dessert, bread
Favorite singer: MJ Justin Timberlake Usher Chrisbrown Trey songz
Favorite music: R & B POP Hip-pop Rap
Favorite color: blue, black, green
Favorite animals: Dogs (available cards)
Dream that one day to complete his dream and do a great entertainer, wandering in all corners of the world
Unfortunately, things: if my mother did not get to listen to learn a variety of musical instruments, did not let my grandfather to see their success.

Tan Jianci 檀健次

Background information:
Birthday: October 5, 1990
Ethnicity: Han
Astrological Sign: Libra
Height: 174cm
Weight: 58kg
Features: show, Latin Dance
Home: Guangxi Beihai
Interests: In addition to singing and dancing performances, there are basketball, Bing Pangqiu, football, bowling and so on, but everything’s not fine to play, as well as enjoy a variety of food, play online games, single games, watching movies, wear their own like clothes and so on.
Favorite Weather: sunny, cloudy
Favorite color: black, white, blue, yellow
Favorite Food: rice noodles
Favorite singer: MJ
Unfortunately, things: Grandpa’s death had not seen his last one, it is miss grandpa … …
Special title: lot (around 50% of people so call me)

Cui Lujia 崔鲁佳

Background information:
Birthday: August 21, 1991
Ethnicity: Han
Astrological Sign: Leo
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Features: Performance, B-BOY
Home: Liaoning Shenyang
Interests: basketball, billiards, driving, travel, play games (wow)
Favorite Weather: sunny, light rain days
Favorite Food: Sichuan
Favorite color: white, blue
Favorite Music: HIP-pop, pop, ballad
Favorite singer: MJ, Lee Hom, shakira
The Special Title: Jia Jia

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  1. I would say all those people can become hot is all because the commercial promo with luck without these they cannot be successed after all. Of course talent is part of it as very important..

  2. good article! wanna see more of them but what i don’t understand is are the boys all from mainland china? and is their company also from mainland china? thnx!
    (sorry for sounding dumb but some people also include taiwan and hong kong as part of china so i’m just asking to clear up the confusion!)

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