Going on Vacation (Kind Of)

Li Yuanxi, Pan Chen and Liu Xijun in China's coastal city Sanya

This week I’ll be in and out, intermittently, and idarklight will be going to China soon as well for a month. Even when she’s  not posting, she does a lot of stuff behind the scenes so don’t be surprised if the site falls into the crapper when she’s gone.

However idarklight will still be posting some things before she’s gone, including the big Chinese ethnic minorities in Chinese entertainment post (including Han Geng) so please be on the lookout for it. Otherwise, just talk amongst yourself and keep everything civil.

Picture above is from Supergirls 2009 trio’s recent episode of Yi Hu Bai Ying (link on twitter) where you see Pan Chen speak pretty good English, Liu Xijun being very shy, and Li Yuanxi being the first in the show’s history to split up the group, to make sure they reached their audience quota. I really hope she’s the leader of the Supergirls upcoming girlgroup.

27 thoughts on “Going on Vacation (Kind Of)

  1. idol girls isnt girl version of TC.

    girl version of TC hast debut yet (7members). idol girls just had one of it’s first performances. (9members)

  2. have fun on your vacations ;D did the girl version of TC debut yet? is that the idol girls? or prob not and we know that LYX is gonna be in it ? o.O

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