Xue Zhiqian’s MV for My Athena and Unfinished Song

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Xue Zhiqian just released his My Athena MV for his compilation album, NOT Completed Song. When I started this site, I thought he was just another pretty boy with minimal talent. Then I found out he composed almost all of his songs. Then I realized how everyone else under his record label Universal has essentially failed  because Universal barely gives him promotion opportunities. He deserves so much credit for getting where he is today, by being so hard-working, whether it be composing hit songs that get him on the charts, or taking the initiative to learn to dance to vary his style.

My Athena (Co-composed and Written by Xue Zhiqian)

MV for Unfinished Song (Composed and Written by him)

Doesn’t his new black hair look gorgeous on him?


15 thoughts on “Xue Zhiqian’s MV for My Athena and Unfinished Song

  1. Both of these songs are top class. In fact, I think his voice has a more artistic and coloured tone than dominant Cpop singers like Jay Chou or Wang Leehom.

    @A. Hi, I guess you’re my double? Hahaha.

    IMO, black hair is natural, mature, a bit mysterious. Best to keep it black.

  2. This is one of those guys that I don’t fangirl but whose songs keep blowing me away…

    … just awesome music.

  3. I have been too out-of-the-loop in this sort of stuff, seriously. College affords so little time for me to catch up on this stuff (and then I only find out today about SJ’s little contract fiasco)…

    You know, I appreciate black hair on a guy. Like seriously black is just such a gorgeous hair color (ROFL biased much) it amazes me why some ppl want to even dye their hair. LOLOL.

    I need to catch up on music downloading (aka mass downloading) – this is very much needed. THANK YOU!! :)

  4. @lehninguh – His black hair is delicious. The girls in China would love him to, if they knew more about him. China loves their talented idols. It’s not that he doesn’t stay in the news. His songs are good enough for that and each time he releases (except his sophmore slump) they stay at the top of the charts. It’s just that he never gets on any shows or that sort of exposure so he’s harder to fangirl.

    @idarklight – I didn’t like the palette, because I imagined it to be a more warm song, and thus, would prefer a warmer hue, but MV is adorable.

    I didn’t expect him to base it around a singer and his piano player. I thought there would be a girl. Lmao. He should have asked Jun Jun to be the piano player. That would have been so cute…

  5. i like both of the videos! he looks so good with short hair. thanks for posting these!!! i hope he gets more popular soon. stupid laws in TW…the girls there would love him

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