Xue Zhiqian Reveals New Song For…Chinese Chess? + Other Performances

Xue Zhiqian sang his new song, “Chu He Han Jie” (not on his recently released compilation album) , which apparently is the themesong to… the end of the year Chinese Chess tournament in Shanghai.¬† Poor Xue Zhiqian. Why does Universal suck so much at finding promotional opportunities for you? Composed by Xue Zhiqian, and lyrics cowritten by him and the charmain of the chess organization. I really hope Xue Zhiqian goes back and edits the song, because his lyrics are usually better.

Some other performances:

Chen Kun – Qiang Wei Xing Live @…I don’t know…what is this place?

Top Combine – Qi Tian Da Sheng @ Tian Tian Xiang Shang (This one’s not live because that’s not how TTXS works, but it’s nice to see the dance w/o being blinded)

Top Combine – Fan Xing @ Tian Tian Xiang Shang

Yu Haoming – Hug @ Tian Tian Xiang Shang

Zhang Jie – Liang Shen Ding Zuo @ Happy Camp

Two contrasting Jiangs Present an award at 2009 Bazaar Charity Night: Actress Jiang Yiyan (Nanking! Nanking!) and Jiang Yingrong

Fancam of Jiang Yingrong – Ba Wo Ni De Mei @009 BAZAAR Star Charity Night, simply because the rest of this post is too testosterone filled and this is the first time she showed off the choreography

Thanks to urasiansourceCpop fountainpark723 for uploading performances! It’s nice to have them, since China’s too big for a show where everyone gathers in one city to perform.

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  1. @chinkirox
    Fish Leong is from Malaysia! I totally got a haircut in the same town where she grew up, once. Though, she did buy a house for her parents and family in Johor Bahru, right across from Singapore, which I think was nice of her~

  2. @Raito: You can’t reply to comments here, they just go to the bottom of the page. XD But it is sad that Fusion has this album all recorded and everything’s still up in the air. They aren’t sure who’ll release the new album and the old one is out of print. I’m glad other people still remember them, though.

  3. I was trying to reply to the comment about Fusion Band, but I can’t seem to do that. But anyway, thanks for that newsbite, I was wondering wth happened to them and their second album. It’s not good news really, lol, but at least I know now. :)

    And thanks for the encouragement, even though we didn’t always get on, hahah. ;)

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