BOBO Teaches In Remote Village School; Li Bingbing goes to Copenhagen

As part of the Music Ai de 5003 project (which Top Combine and other performed for) Bobo went to a mountainous unprivileged school, bringing with them  school supplies. They acted as teachers, teaching the children songs, participating in their PE sessions, and went to the homes to get a better understanding of the conditions. They are one of many artists who have contributed in charity recently, but we could never post on them all, so this will have to be the representative of all those efforts.

With the families:

Fu Xinbo helping to cook:


While their schedules have been busy, including recording a song for the Winter Olympics, they’ve continuously managed to take out time for charity. Jing Boran said that “Public service activites are the responsibility of a artist in the entertainment sphere. Everything should be returned to the community. I can use my status as a artist to encourage friends to give back to the community, and thus help many people “. Fu Xinbo said “Public service is not something expressed with words, but actions” and that he would uses those actions to influence others.

Li Bingbing at Earth Hour

While many artists, almost all the artists covered by  this site, have done charitable activities and frequently, these sentiments by BOBO echo the Hua Yi company mindset perfectly. They’re really extraordinary in how much they make public service a priority. With them it never seems like something that is done in their free time, or sporadic. It’s a continuous fight for real change.

Over the course of looking at Chinese news in the past year, it seems that almost weekly, a Hua Yi star would be doing a public service activity, usually for environmental protection, which is their biggest target. Previously (in a link  I can’t find anymore), BOBO and most of the company’s artists went onto the streets with pamphlets about the issue.

Li Bingbing (also Hua Yi), who spends so much time doing activities for environmental protection that I don’t know how she’s even able to find time to act was recently in Copenhagen for the Climate Change summit, and acted as a host for Earth hour, speaking completely  in  English for the event.

BOBO looking to inform people about environmental protection, as part of Hua Yi's "Green Leaf Star Movement", where their 85 artists participated in.

I’ve always wanted to do a post chronicling what Hua Yi stars have done in terms of public service, because it’s enormous, but unfortunately there is no site with all of that information in one neat place. I just see articles all the time, and wish I could post on it, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time.  So this post will have to do.  Really, I’ve never seen any other entertainment company  bring out the best of mankind in such a way. It’s not really that the company forces anyone to do anything, or that the artists wouldn’t do this themselves. It’s just that your surroundings and who you interact with shapes you as a person, in your thinking, and Hua Yi, as a company allows the best of people to flourish, where thoughts of helping others are not at the back of their minds, after work and career goals, but at the forefront.

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If I had posted everything I’ve seen so for Hua Yi artists, this list would be at least 100 sources long. Those first four news sources are just from the past few days.

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  1. I hate to speculate like this on actors and actresses but did Li Bingbing get plastic surgery? Because she looks so different these days.

  2. @chinkirox

    BOBO’s actually starting (have already started?) a book-collecting program for children in remote areas.

    That’s why Li Yuchun’s fans are so awesome. They’re my fanclub heroes.

  3. nice =]

    But if only BOBO can make their fanclub do charity work with them, all that (wo)men power can make a big difference in the community than anything the boys are doing alone.

    But yea for Hua Yi’s community service spirits!

  4. No pictures of BOBO playing chicken and hawk? They’re so cute, though.
    This wasn’t the first time BOBO has done this. During the Sichuan earthquake, they also went to the countryside to teach.

    Article about Huayi artists going around :
    random fact: An Yixuan used her “Huayi Environmentalism Bag” in the drama “Next Stop Happiness.”

    I think it’s so cute that due to the ban of free plastic bags, many fanclubs in China are having “environmentalism bags” as one of their major fan items (the other being T-shirts/hoodies)

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