Yan Kuan Gets a Boost in Exposure from Water Margin

Pictures of actor Yan Kuan as Yan Qing in the upcoming Water Margin series were released, showing off the tattoos that the character sports. Yan Kuan has always been under the radar as an actor, but 2010 could be the year when that changes for him.

Yan Kuan’s been off the radar for a year, but due to his role in the anticipated Water Margin series he’s been receiving continuous press, from his training regimen to his costumes.  And recently, a series of advertisement photoshoots he did for FHM last year lined the streets everywhere in prominent positions in downtown Beijing. 2010 could be the turning point for this actor who got some recognition last year for a secondary character in The Last Princess, but never quite got the break that could give him widespread fame.

More of Yan Kuan as Yan Qing:

And in more covered up form:

With Zhang Hanyu (The Assembly, The Message)


So far the casting/crew combination for Water Margin seems to be the best out of the four classics, apart from possibly the Dream of the Red Chamber. It has a very good selection of actors, including film actor Zhang Hanyu, and a director that’s shown he’s capable + Ady An paired up with Yan Kuan!

14 thoughts on “Yan Kuan Gets a Boost in Exposure from Water Margin

  1. @idarklight:
    oh no i mean did he played an evil role before? I remember seeing him in villain role or something.. unless I remembered it wrong O____O

  2. @yelei
    No, his character is awesome. XD

    For the most part, Water Margin has more major heroes than major villains.

    P.S. who’s playing Ximen Qing?

  3. Oh…and I edited this post. I couldn’t even read what I wrote before. It was such a big mess. The sentences didn’t make sense. Sorry, I’m in a hurry these days. I can’t believe I didn’t catch it, and no one said anything. I guess the post was essentially about the pictures anyway, heh.

  4. @JJ – Yeah, I like hot guys too. :D Who doesn’t? As long as I don’t find them untalented, and thus annoying. But Yan Kuan’s perfectly fine.

    I think Ady’s too good for HZGG. HZGG is like an idol series. No doubt she could pull off the role, but she’s 29 and very versatile in acting, so she should start building her resume with harder, more nuanced roles.

    Anyway…one step at a time. Ady + Yan Kuan would be so pretty together.

  5. This is kind of random and off-topic but… wouldn’t Ady An be great for Huan Zhu Ge Ge?

    I have no idea where that came from…

  6. Yan Kuan’s one of those actors whose face just screams “handsomeness” to me, so I’m glad he’s getting more exposure (ah, I like good-looking guys ♥♥♥).

    And they did an excellent style job on Zhang Han Yu… he looks perfectly from ancient China. ^__^

  7. OHH i have seen this guy before! he was on a drama that i saw on tv last year when i was in china. i remember thinking that he had a really good-looking face

  8. @cfensi
    I think I forgot to mention because she was an excellent Taiwanese actress that’s why the production team made an exception. oops

    Compared to Da S, I prefer Ady An.

  9. Ady is a fantastic actress…where’d you hear that from yelei?

    Ady is filming a movie actually, with Yuan Wenkang (the secondary male lead in Lian Ai Bing Fa). It’s probably not a big movie, but they seem to be molding her into a film actress.

    Anyone watch her in HSDS? I only got to watch a something like five episodes, but I liked her acting there too. She doesn’t look 29. I hope she has a long lasting career because she’s not only versatile, but she has an innate charm. I still don’t understand why her career never took off compared to some actresses.

    @chinkirox – I think Da S is a good actress too, good enough for films. She’s gonna be the best thing about Summer of Bubbles.

    Oh and Nie Yuan is Tang Sang in Journey to the West. I was going to add him in this post because he’s rather unknown and for once in his life he got a nice photoshoot because of that role, but then I got tired.

  10. @chinkirox
    Originally they didnt want any Taiwanese casts in Water Margin but they made Ady An an exception.. that’s what I heard. O_O Da S has been acting in alot more movies than dramas and I hope to see Ady in movies too. As for Ariel.. she’s still eh. I feel like she’s at the same level (well a little bit higher than) Rainie Yang. I wouldn’t say her acting is superb, but better than Rainie.

  11. AH! Yan Kuan is so hot! First saw him in big shot, then the last princess, haven’t watched any movie with him in it though *sad*

    Ady An is in Water Margin right? I can’t wait! I love her acting! She totally deserve at least half in not all the awards that Da S and Ariel have been getting. I can’t believe Da S get to act in a drama with Huang Xiao Ming & Peter Ho!

    4 adaptation? They’re remaking the Journey to the West too? They can never beat the original cast for that film, especially the one who played the monkey. But I heard he has disciplines being trained in … monkeyhood? I hope the production time would pick one of the discipline, so they don’t ruin the monkey king’s image.

  12. Is the picture of Yan Kuan above the cut too garish to leave there? I’m unsure…

    And WTF? I never even heard of OK-bang unlike idol girls, who also isn’t known in China. They really make it a to look for copy-cats don’t they?

  13. I can’t wait, the set looks amazing. i remember watching the previous version of Water Margin when I was a child (the one with Lui Huan singing the intro song).
    p.s. apparently “that site” posted another article about a Chinese band Ok-bang imitating Big Bang, i didn’t read so I won’t get angry

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