Song Xiaobo Opens Photography Studio and Releases Photobook

A commenter recently requested us to give more updates on some specific guys in Chinese entertainment. Due to personal time constraints, we usually post on the bare bones basics in Chinese entertainment, like new releases, etc, that other site haven’t got to. But since she’s been pretty active on this site, we decided we would post on one of her requests.

Song Xiaobo was runner-up of the 2006 My Hero contest, which allows companies to sign talent afterward. He was deaf and mute, and thus, had more limited options in entertainment, but he’s been keeping very busy with acting and most recently, he opened a studio with friends. The first model he invited was Luo Jing, top 30 contestant of Jia You!Dragon Angels, the female version of My Hero.

You might remember Luo Jing because she was actually in English news a while back, when she was attacked by netizens for covering up her birth history (her mother had an extramarital affair). English reports erroneously attributed it to being about race (way to just ignore part-Indian Tan Lina from Supergirls whose race no one cares about). Neither reason deserves flack, but  mostly, people really shouldn’t write articles based on netizen attacks in China, where netizens don’t represent the population, and where there are just too many of them to pick and choose quotes from.

Anyway, Luo Jing looks gorgeous here, as captured by Song Xiaobo.

This photoshoot was done last month, November. Since then he has taken many other photos of various others, including himself, for a photobook, whose release his friends like Wu Jianfei and Luo Jing helped to celebrate on December 16th. So for those of you heading to China, try looking for this in bookstores.

Song Xiaobo, who’s acted in various things, notably the Chinese Prince of Tennis Seasons 1 and 2, has not given that up either. He’s next starring in a play called Shi San Xing Zuo.

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Photos thanks to Song Xiaobo’s blog

10 thoughts on “Song Xiaobo Opens Photography Studio and Releases Photobook

  1. Awww~ Such an admirable guy! Definitely talented, despite his disabilities. Damn how hard would it be in the industry if you’re disadvantaged like that. I love the guy already!

    Thanks for cfensi for this article. I was reading Yan Kuan earlier~ and he’s a fav fav actor of mine and was getting all giddy looking at his topless picture & really happy after reading it. But I think this article even surpassed that YanKuan article for me. Thankyou so much for this article. I think it has changed my small minded view of the entertainment industry

    =D Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!

  2. song xiaobo is really cute! i remember when i watched that show when i visited china during the summer, he was one of my favorites because of his perseverance despite his obvious disadvantage compared to others. he even had music-oriented performances that were very in-sync with the rhythm even though he can’t hear it. i’m glad that he’s successful these days, since i haven’t heard much from him since then… the photographs look beautiful! both the model and the artistic quality of the shots! haha in the second picture… i like his photo-taking pose. :P

  3. @JJ

    I hope nobody thinks that I think calling someone ugly is the sort of attack I mean. People have opinions on that all the time. It’s more or less the way people said it about Yu Haoming, saying something mean and nasty for the sake of saying it that annoyed me. I took that part out about YHM in case I’m confusing anyone.

  4. Song Xiao Bo is cuteeeeee……….

    Luo Jing is pretty!!! Netizens… what are we gonna do with you… but then again, I’m not in the position to complain cuz I attack pretty viciously sometimes, too… *sigh*

  5. Song Xiaobo’s not technically mute. He can produce sounds, but because he can’t hear, it’s very difficult for him to learn to speak.

    Netizens generally find someone to attack first, and then find ways to attack them. And then they get nasty. Anonymity can be vicious.

  6. It’s sad that people get attacked for things their parents did wrong. Netizens write a lot of stupid things, though, which is really nothing new.

    I’m grabbing the Luo Jing pictures, though I’m not sure what I’m going to use them for.

  7. @chinkirox –

    No prob. There’s a lot of posts we can’t do because we don’t have the time, but we should always make room for Song Xiaobo.

    Luo Jing probably got attacked for the same reasons anyone gets attacked on the internet – people looking for reasons to hate, which we’ve seen ample times with idolgirls.

    I’m still get furious when I read maliciously-worded comments on how ugly Yu Haoming is. Saying it’s he’s not good-looking is one thing, but some people just went overboard.

    Wu Jianfei has a nice voice – but his acting needs lots and lots of work.

  8. yea xiaobo =] gorgeous photos, I hope he’ll keep working towards bring the still beauty of life into this hectic world (he’s such an inspiration).

    lmao Wu Jianfei, didn’t get any screen time in love or bread and his acting was so emotionless.

    wow Luo Jing’s really pretty. But I don’t understand why people would attack her, even if she’s not “legit” it wasn’t her fault. I feel bad for the husband, but I give props to him for being a father (even if it’s for a short amount of time). I just hope she was created out of love (even if it’s outside of the marriage), instead of a one night stand. But that article made her mom sound really bad, “she actively courted her husband Lou” and “Lou Jing’s mother did not have too much contact with the black student, probably got “lucky” after only sleeping together once or twice.” Poor girl having to read stuff like this about her own mother, it’s probably heartbreaking for her and her mother beyond words.

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