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Acoustic Peng Tan!

While some of my favorite idols/actors/etc  have been releasing,  there’s an interesting mix of other news about singersongwriters aka really artists I like or respect but have a hard time making a full post on because it’s harder to find their songs/vids for recently releases on youtube.

This is the  MV for singer-songwriter Levi‘s new release, Resentment. I’ve never heard of him, but I thought the song was pretty, and the  MV was filmed prettily. No weird makeup, and no LED screens. Very nicely made for someone who isn’t really all that big in China. I was waiting for it to be uploaded by someone else, but since no one did, I just grabbed it off tudou in LQ.

Levi – Xin Jie

Newlywed Peng Tan has released the first new track Someday off his upcoming acoustic album EASY.

Indie group from Guangdong Yu Fei Men also released an album, which is out at Yesasia (!) to buy. The lead singer’s voice is very pretty, and the album supposedly is good I recommend you checking it out if you see it. Don’t get turned off by their main plug, which is not as good as the rest of the album, but is unfortunately what they sang on Jie Jie Gao Sheng recently, one of the most high-profile things they’ve done.

Yu Fei Men

Also, someone asked me in this post, who was the member of Shui Mu Nian Hua (The Age of Water and Wood) that left. Well, apparently his name is Li Jian, he’s also a  Qinghua University graduate like SMNH, he’s releasing his fourth album Yin Yue Ao Gu this year on December 22nd,  and he recently released a beautiful single Gu Xian Shan Chuan. This song is currently beating Top Combine’s Qi Tian Da Sheng in the Music Radio charts.

Singer-songwriter Wang Zhengliang, from Superboys 2007, a Sichuaner duets with Jane Zhang in her newest endeavor to make him popular. As previously stated, he’s her friend, and was the first she signed onto her own company – Show Music. She’s doing a good job as a manager/producer because his other composition, duet with Rachel Liang has gotten to the top ten Music radio charts.

And I usually don’t talk too much about Anson Hu on this site, because he’s fairly well covered on other sites, but I just wanted to link this! His new MV features Ady An!!! I haven’t seen her in an MV for a while.

Most videos (except Levi’s) credit to fountainpark723@youtube.

7 thoughts on “Singer-Songwriter Release News

  1. @Suzy: I hadn’t watched it, but I had to watch after I saw your comment. I wasn’t expecting that, either. XD

  2. @idarklight: hahaha…it’s not much of a surprise that Qinghua has more famous musicians than Beida–usually good mathematicians and science geeks have better musical aptitude, a fun fact I learned from my music prof. =p

    btw, I really like this blog, been lurking here for a long while =]

  3. @JJ
    Despite the fact that I’m a lot closer to Beida, I’m totally pro-Qinghua because they have the best diving team in China. Half of the hotties in diving goes/went to the high school affiliated with Qinghua. And that pretty runner on TTXS. Chinese universities, especially bigger ones, accept a lot of athletes who have won prestigious awards. I believe there’s some sort of a policy with national team athletes where they can pretty much get into any college they want to.

  4. @idarklight

    I think Li Jian said that he was accepted into Qinghua (without writing high school examinations) because he won a singing competition that Qinghua held. But he probably majored in math/engineering there because he worked as an electrician or something after he graduated.

    I guess it’s not just Western universities that care about students being well-rounded…

  5. I think it’s interesting that despite being the more math/science one of the two big Beijing universities, Qinghua has produced more famous musicians than Beida. They’re also similar in style – the soft, guitar ballads of Gao Xiaosong, Shui Mu Nian Hua and Li Jian.

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