Top Combine and Yu Haoming’s New MVs

Yu Haoming – I’m Not That Hot MV (the new and improved version where he plays an assassin, and Liu Xijun plays his love interest)

Thanks to  urasiansourceCpop @ty for being crazy fast with this. I don’t know why eeMedia released all their MVs at the same time, but I guess they did.

Top Combine’s below the cut because it’s uh…needs to be taken in slowly.

Top Combine – Qi Tian Da Sheng MV (where they have no love interest, but do a lot of dancing.)

60 thoughts on “Top Combine and Yu Haoming’s New MVs

  1. @curious
    Because Top Combine doesn’t have a big sponsor like OPPO that also happens to sponsor Happy Camp and a lot of Hunan concerts.

    Well, all the guys (minus Qiao Renliang) seems like the more masculine big guys. A bit more “ye’men’er” than most.

    Oh, and Jing Boran called Ady An right before going on Happy Camp last time. XD

    They’re on Happy camp next week.

  2. @idarklight – Yeah, actually Chengtian seems less family like than Hua Yi. The top people in Hua Yi know the bottom people, like how Li Bingbing has interacted with BOBO frequently, and wished them a happy 1 year anniversary.

    Chengtian seems to be separated into younger / older stars.

    I don’t quite get what you mean about Golden Harvest.

  3. @curious: tc was on again at the very end of the dog part.

    Hurrah! They’re going on happy camp again. Do you know when it’ll air?

  4. @ Julie, I saw TC at Tian Tian Xiang Shang, i was disappointed though cauz it seems like they were there only for the beginning (lol I stopping watching once the dogs came on). Why won’t hunan tv do a full show on them (either through TTXS or Happy Camp) like they do for SJM? *tears* at least their live performances were quite good (they are not lip singing right? i dunno cauz the video was really unclear so I can’t really tell)

  5. the thing about hip hop was interesting. ive always wondered why there aren’t a lot of girls into hip hop and rap… because i’m really incredibly into hip hop and often wish i could rap rather than sing. but the trend really is true… im the only asian girl in my hip hop dance class and at competitions, people always look at me funny because you just never see quiet looking asian girls competing in hip hop. but personally i love the fact that i do something that most other people my type don’t do. i don’t think it’s aggressive at all, if you really understand and look into hip hop (particularly dance). i personally consider myself pretty girly (fav color pink, likes cute stuffed animals, likes dressing up) but i still enjoy hip hop. i think its because a lot of people have stereotypes about what hip hop is suppose to be… people don’t understand that within the genre of hip hop, there are a lot of different subgroups and types and not everything is krumping and roaring.

  6. Haha how did this thread get to HZGG3? It’s terrible though in my opinion. I regret wasting like a week of my life watching it :L

  7. @cfensi
    I guess I’m counting company size by number of artists. eeMedia has 40+, whereas Orange Sky has a max of 10. Shanghai Tangren’s probably also bigger considering the amount of productions they do, but they have a total of five artists.

    You’re right. Orange Sky has like 50+ artists, including big names like Hu Jun, Tong Dawei, Zhu Yuchen and Zhou Jie….Golden Harvest was really pro big Northern man, aren’t they?

  8. Um…I wouldn’t say Orange Sky (Chengtian) is a small company at all. They’re bigger than eeMedia. Orange Sky just bought out Golden Harvest, which is responsible for some of the biggest HK classics.

    It’s a big, big company. Not as big as Hua Yi, but it’s still a mega corporation.

    There’s also Cathay, and lots of other companies that we don’t know too much about. Neither of us by any means know what’s going on 100% in Chinese entertainment.

  9. Last year’s music radio didn’t have Painted Heart as one of their top 10 songs but did have Shi Ke Zhun Bei Zhe. And as much as I love BOBO, that’s just impossible.

  10. What about Music Radio? They’re not based on sales, far as I know, but they seem to gauge popularity pretty well.

  11. @smith
    The Best of Cpop one?
    I should hope not.

    China doesn’t have any big music charts. G-music charts is legit for Taiwanese sales, but what’s popular in Taiwan doesn’t always do well in mainland. Anson Hu and Ding Dang are both examples. For mainland preferences, I think baidu is a pretty good source considering how digitalized mainland is. Baidu has weekly MP3 search charts as well as yearly top searches.

  12. @yelei
    I think Huayi/eeMedia are simply less low key and more wellrounded in terms of music/artist management/film. China FIlm Group is inarguably the biggest film maker in China.

    Recording company wise, Gold Typhoon is definitely big (it’s the consolidation of three companies based out of HK, mainland and Taiwan distinctly). The foreign studios – Warner, Sony, Universal, etc. are also big. More locally, there’s Polybona.

    The Hurray! Group (which has a majority stake in Huayi Music) is trying to build its own thing with artists like Li Xiaolu, but I believe Hurray! has been brought out by Shanda Intl. (the company investing in Shengshi aka HZGG remake)

    The rest are smaller-scaled, family-esque companies like Orange Sky (Kimi Qiao Renliang), Shanghai Tangren (Chinese Paladin family) and Taihe Rye (Li Yuchun’s recording company).

  13. I couldnt pick between HZGG and QSSYMM.. both were awesome. D: Maybe it was because most of the actors were similar. Hmm. I think once finals over, I might try to watch HZGG3. I guess it was just weird having different actors playing the characters.. =/

    I have a question, besides Hua yi and Ee Media, what other major (movies/dramas) companies out there?

  14. @chinkirox
    HZGG3 had major script differences from the first two. The first one was the most simple and lighthearted, with only 20 episodes. The second got more complicated. The third one just dove into melodramatic craziness. Whereas the first would be like a fairytale, the third would be like Twilight – emotional scenes for the sake of melodrama without any logic nor normal emotional reactions. I mean, come on, how many dead babies does it take to tell a princess story? Apparently a lot.

    HZGG 1 appealed to all audiences because they were cute and happy. HZGG3 was only for those who needed or can take in all those drama without going crazy. Romance in the Rain was already too dramatic for me, and HZGG3 was a step above that. But there are definitely people who like QSSYMM more than HZGG, it’s just rarer.

  15. @yelei: actually I think people were just hating on HZGG3 too much. Once you get past the casting change, the story’s pretty interesting. HZGG3’s more mature and complex compare the first 2 installments … it made me cry like crazy at the end. Maybe the original was just as heart wrenching, but I guess I wasn’t really at an age to understand any of it when I was first watching it.

    I hope they have Chao Nan 2010, just so they can use the guys to make a mainland version of Hana Kimi.

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