Kimi’s MV for Window of Dreams

I wasn’t whether I should wait for Kimi’s other two MVs to post  but I decided to anyway because thematically, this MV is different from the others. This one reflects Kimi’s deal with promoting Windows 7 in the China market, which might give some knee-jerk reaction, but commercialism is rather embedded in Asian pop culture, even for rock bands (see Mayday’s Fang Si). It also got Kimi appearances on Hunan TV, promotion he needs because Chengtian reportedly spent a ton on perfecting the album.

Mini Pic-spam below of Kimi from his release because he has such pretty Chinese Opera-like features that always makes me stare.

The first the set of pictures are from the Album release, and the second set is from the fanmeet/signing. In the album release party, they showed clips of the two other MVs, one of which features a wedding scene with company sister Tang Yan. At the fanmeet in Shanghai, he signed 5000 copies of his albums to devoted fans.


14 thoughts on “Kimi’s MV for Window of Dreams

  1. He seems like he matured…which usually does mean toned down a bit.

    I love cloudy balloon

    I admit I’ve been listening to certain songs on Kimi’s album more than TC’s, but I think I listened to TC’s the same amount overall.

    They’re just different albums. TC’s was just good pop songs – not too complex.

    Lots of good albums were released. Anson’s was one of his best imo, and JJ’s was great too! Pretty awesome December overall, if not for the artists, because they have to compete with each other.

  2. 1. meng xiang de chuang’s the first song on his new album!
    2. he ni zai yi qi really demonstrated his (emo)tion evoking voice. it’s a soft rock song, the lyric and composition are quite sad.
    3. zuan shi … he has such a dreamy voice when he’s singing this songs *sigh and put on replay*
    4. yin tian qi qiu has to be the best song compositional wise, the transition from the ballady beginning to punk rock was so smooth. the lyrics matched the music really well.
    5. Oh My Angel is a happy poppy song. like it. but. eh.
    6. liang bian another song that makes you stop breathing for a bit.
    7. Happy Birthday is a really cute song, it has a catchy tune with not too much (emo)tion evoking lyric.
    8. ye feng is a feel good love song, about not giving up on love. the lyric is very beautiful as well.
    9. xiang nian too lullaby for me. good lyrics as well but it’s his voice that made me listen to the end, it’s so different from what I’m used to hearing from him. it grows on you after a few listens.
    10. tonight One Night In Supermarket’s theme song.

    I just LOVED all the lyrics!

    And all the songs are so different from his EP. He had this bad boy image during debut, with over the top self confidence. This album made me feel like he honesty fell in love but when through a bad relationship, and matured a lot because of it. Or he could just have been watching too many Asian dramas lol. Anyway, he improved a lot! Both in his composition/lyric writing and his actual voice.

    Place this album above TC (sorry)

  3. @cfensi: so is he like … Avril Lavigne? There’s a stable band backing them, but they are promoting as soloists? I was just watching him sing this song on Tian Tian Xian Shang, he’s not doing much, just walking around when he’s singing, but I can’t stop staring at him. He’s charisma and stage presence shows even though tv (youtube lol)

    @idarklight: I think Matianyu’s recording a new album right now. He’s got connections to help him with the music and MV b/c he’s attending Beijing Film Academy. And he just seem like someone you’d want to help and take care of. Also, Matianyu’s like the perfect role model (esp compare to Kimi’s bad boy feel) – a poor boy from the countryside making it big in the city – of course China loves and supports him. I can’t wait for his drama to come out.

  4. I don’t have the raw. Yelei and idarklight are both much better than me at finding raws – I suck at finding songs, raws, etc. idarklight really helps me fill in those gaps on this site.

    I’ll try looking for it though.

    Kimi has a lot of growing to do, but he always has this energy and stage presence about him that I find very unique and refreshing (plus he has those lovely long slanty eyes).

    His new album can be listened to at I think he sounds really good…it’s not quite the punk rock that he started out with, but it sounds more mature, and shows off his vocals more. I was afraid I’d be disappointed – he said he wasn’t 100% satisfied with it – but I liked it quite a bit. Hard for anything to measure up to TC’s but I’d buy it for sure.

  5. You wouldn’t happen to have the raw for this, would you? I’d like to sub it, too… This is easily my favorite MV out of the three released recently (and Kimi has a new fan, ’cause to be honest, I like this song a bit more than QTDS), but I need the raw…

  6. No, he did compose for the album, but this wasn’t one of his. This band is Chengtian’s new band I think that will work with Kimi, but isn’t quite – his band? He says he wants to write songs with them though.

  7. awww @ the 4th pic <3

    Love the song and MV did he write/compose it? Wait I still don't get it, is he in a band or what? Cause he always used to talk about his band, is that his band?

    eh. Window 7

  8. Um, it’s just in fancam version:

    Tang Yan is really, really shy and girly.

    It’s interesting – the really good actresses of the previous generation in China were rather mature, and strong-willed, and sometimes icy.

    But this new generation of potentials – Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, etc. , are so girly and shy. They definitelyhave the acting skills, maybe even more so than the previous generation, and are better looking but the personalities are a complete turnaround.

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