“The Myth” Drama Version Theme Songs

A while back it was announced that Jackie Chan was producing a drama version of his movie The Myth, and picked Hu Ge to play his part. Hu Ge’s probably sick of ancient dramas at this point, but it’s hard to say no to a Jackie Chan offer (just ask Wang Leehom!). Bai Bing takes over the main female character in the drama, and together she and Hu Ge continue the tradition of singing the lovely themesong. over again.

Hu Ge and Bai Bing – Mei Li de Shen Hua

Hu Ge may not be the most perfect singer but to his credit, he never lip-synchs if he can help it, and once at an event, made them play the track over again.

Singer Zhang Meng and Wang Haixiang, the leader of the New 7 Little Fortunes, a group also backed by Jackie Chan, sing the other theme song – Chuan Yue

This MV  shows more of the modern day half of the Myth, so I guess you could say Hu Ge is one step closer to doing modern series. It also shows more scenes of Ren Quan, the secondary male character who shows up at 1:03 in the video. Ren Quan, for those who don’t know him, is a Shanghai Theatre Academy graduate and was a classmate and good friend of Li Bingbing. According to her baike, she  jokingly responds to questions about marriage plans that if she marries anyone soon it’d be him. He was in a lot of different shows including Young Justice Bao, but I’ve not seen him in a high profile series for a while, so I’m definitely looking forward to checking this one out if I have the time.

9 thoughts on ““The Myth” Drama Version Theme Songs

  1. i feel the song, the myth. is it really a myth???!!! this song was a lover who waits for a safe return of his/hers. this song reflect what really people were waiting for when they are deeply in love.

  2. @chinkirox
    these guys were picked from a contest. Basically it’s a singing group but they also know martial arts.

  3. I was watching an episode on Kang Xi Lai Le with the group “New 7 little fortunes” in it. They’re so lucky, man. They fly in private jet with Jackie Chan and lives in president suite. But then Jacky Chen recruited them because they went through some training and of course they had to have some foundations of KungFu. I wonder if Jackie Chan will feature them in his future US movies..

  4. Yea! Hu Ge get to live in modern time! Woh!

    Jackie’s really stretching himself thin isn’t he? acting, voice animation, directing films, getting in trouble for saying too much, now training singers … he’s like one of those crazy kids in high school that does everything (AP, sports, cmusic, student gov ect.)

  5. Ren Quan’s so adorably cute. Unfortunately Hua Yi’s merger with Long-D has put him, Lu Yi, and Qiao Zhenyu at more of a secondary status to Hua Yi’s original actors (although for some crazy reason Tian Liang, also part of the Long-D group got a perfectly good series to star in and ruin). But as Hua Yi expands with more and more series/films, he’ll probably get bigger roles.
    And he can propose to LBB and they can have a beautiful Hua Yi funded wedding together. /wishful thinking.

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