eeMedia Family’s Winter MV

The thrice previously posted on eeMedia MV for their 2010 theme Kuai Le Chu Fa – has been released!  It was composed by Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang, which I imagine is cheaper for eeMedia than last year, where they hired Da Zhang Wei (the flowers) to compose, and frankly I like Ma’s better. It suits its purpose – it makes you want to start bouncing around while you put up holiday decorations.

The vid includes almost the entire eeMedia family including the two seniors of the company – next month’s Vogue China covergirl Chris Lee, and Golden Horse Award-winner, Tan Weiwei, lol. The only thing I thought was jarring in the MV was Chris Lee’s dance break, where it didn’t look like she dance so much as splashed water, but hey, at least she looked good on Vogue. Overall, even though the MV was 4 min + it seemed short and I wish everyone had more screentime.

But since eeMedia has three December releases just within their own company – Top Combine, Zeng Yike, and Li Yuchun, I guess some people will have plenty of screentime for their own MVs, including Yu Haoming whose new and improved MV for I’m Not That Hot .still hasn’t been released. However, it’s been confirmed that Yu Haoming’s  will feature Liu Xijun. In it he plays a cold-blooded assassin lmao. It’s a crazy world when Tan Weiwei can win a Golden Horse and Yu Haoming can play an assasin, but looking forward to it all the same.

The eeMedia/Hunan TV NY gala’s guest list hasn’t been confirmed but anyone planning to watch it streaming? It was really fun last year.

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  1. fountainpark723 also has all of them.

    Li Xiaoyun + Su Xing : Buddy

    Huang Ying + Ji Jie: I love you

    Liu Xijun + Yu Haoming: Can I hug you, My love?

    Yu Kewei + Wei Chen: Happiness

    Jiang Yingrong – Happy Ending

  2. @L
    It’s on youtube. maggiedtu has all of them on her channel. Su Xing + Li Xiaoyun’s was the best one. Huang Ying and Ji Jie’s had a good concept, but his wig was too hilarious. Jiang Yingrong’s was really cute.

    Despite the really terrible interviewer, I enjoyed the interview. Su Xing sat next to Huang Ying and kept teasing her and hitting her shoulder/arm.

    Host: I hear that in the new year concert, there’ll be rumored couples who’ll appear.
    Su Xing: What? Does everyone know about me and Huang Ying already?

  3. why do start shipping Suxing+Huang Ying? was the interview bad?? and i stil havent seen the mini MVs they did for the super contest do u know where i could still watch it?D:

  4. li yi chun’s dance looked really nice in the previews, but it was edited so weirdly that all the good parts were cut out. And wang yue xin’s so cute <3 he still seem to have the mentality of a 17 year old lol … during the count down, I keep thinking she was saying something else instead of five. But it looks like everyone really had a fun time making this, so I'm happy =]

  5. Well, Li Yuchun is their biggest draw for people to watch the MV – if she can sell Vogue magazines, she has mainstream appeal, which the others can’t quite match just yet.

    They probably told her – we’re giving you a dance solo, but don’t dance too much in the water and accidentally hurt yourself bc that would screw over the company and there would be no bright and happy 2010, and she was like…ok.

  6. I’m definitely going to watch it live if it’s not on a weekend.

    I like the MV but I don’t like Chris’ dance solo…too random

  7. I was surprised that other than Li Yuchun and Tan Weiwei, eeMedia’s biases are not very obvious in terms of screentime.

    Da Zhang Wei’s a bit more catchy. The lyrics in this is super hard to remember. It’s happy and chirpy, though. And the MV is so much better. It was filmed by Changsha based HIT-studio, the group that did all the Super Girls MV’s. They seem to fit Hunan TV perfectly – maximum cuteness for less.

    It’s interesting that in this version, Li Yuchun interrupting Wei Chen is replaced by Top Combine interrupting Wei Chen. Poor guy. Li Yuanxi, Wang Yuexin and Ai Mengmeng really worked their screentime.

    P.S. has anyone seen the Su Xing/Wei Chen/Huang Ying/Tan Lina interview about the MV? One more interview like that and I’ll start shipping Su Xing + Huang Ying.

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