Gong Li In January 2010’s Harper’s Bazaar China

Gong Li kicks off the New Year by appearing in the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar China – China’s longest established fashion magazine. She’ll be turning 45 next year, but it’s hard to tell from these. Li Yuchun also snagged the January cover for China Vogue, but as much as I’ve grown to like her, it feels wrong to put her in the same post with Gong Li so maybe later.


28 thoughts on “Gong Li In January 2010’s Harper’s Bazaar China

  1. For people who say she doesn’t look 45, if a normal 45 year old person got professional makeup, they would not look 45 either.

  2. “Plus these two can start and manage their own projects”

    Gong Li has said several times she has not intrest in Producing or directing just acting.
    Zhang Ziyi has always been a press junkie anyway.
    I like the nickname the “Chinese” Greta Garbo for Li

  3. To my older generation, some people still remember Gong Li was the reason to break up Zhang Yi Mou’s marriage. I remember my aunt curse at Gong and saying that she would never see any her film. It was right around the time when divorce rate went high in China. It was a sad story that Zhang could not offer her closure and Gong had to look elsewhere.

    I don’t know why but in some people’s mind, Fan Bingbing was considered to be using her body to get the position she at now, they even hinted that her mother did the same thing. It was the pity of the net I think that people think they could hide behind a username and just bashing whatever. So netizens curse at her calling her “fox fairy Hu Li Jing” (the one Zhou Xun played in painted skin)

    Is it possible that such thing existed in current Chinese entertainment industry, sure. Something called hidden rules. However, why such anti towards Fan, I guess that is what came with great fame and young age? Many rumors about Chrystal Liu too. Fan has been really brave towards that, and had filter all that hatred out. I gonna applaud her for that.

  4. @Benji – I don’t think so, but even back then the reports were sketchy and just took netizen quotes.

    @chinkirox – Really? This is why I don’t want to watch HZGG. It’s so deeply embedded in people’s brains. Fan Bingbing has gotten spectacular reviews for her acting in Wheat. She amazes me. She has one of the busiest schedules of any actress, but she never lets it show.

  5. For some reason I still can’t see Fan Bing Bing as anything other than a supporting actresses.

    If only I could look anywhere close to that good at Gong Li’s age…

  6. Are people still on that “Gong Li is a traitor” stage, from when she became a Singaporean citizen? They don’t seem to take very many opinion polls in Chinese news reporting, and “netizens” rarely ever reflect the sentiments of the average “citizen”, so it’s hard to keep track of normal public perception.

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