New Girlgroup Idolgirls / Ai Duo Girls- Start of the Girlband Wave in China?

I was not going to post on this girl group, because I had no idea if they were going to last- they don’t even have an MV out yet. However, a fervent commenter alerted me to the fact that this girlgroup was posted on, and furthermore, with a picture that wasn’t even of them, of someone else  in SNSD outfits, just to bash.

Ok, so first, the second picture of them wearing the sailorsuits, is of COSPLAYERS who aren’t singers at all.  These girls are a different group, with only the member  number 9 the same, a  number that both Morning Musume (Jp) and Hey Girls (Tw) had before SNSD. And SNSD is not really that popular in China – all 3 groups have about the same popularity in China, aka, not a lot –    only around 3000 registered fans at their baidu.

These are the only sets of pics of the girls that I know of. Some individual pics can be seen here. These girls are from a new company called Ai Duo culture. They just released an EP (digitally?), with three original songs. They also have guys in their company that may possibly debut in the future.

Their debut is unfortunately marked by all the bs that Chinese groups had to face. When there was that influx of boybands last year, news compared them to SJM, and the attacks were vicious. Poor, hardworking A-One got bashed.  Top Combine got booed by elves when they went on stage to perform as newbies, and allkpop wrote another asinine article using SJM’s popularity to say  Chinese groups suck.

I’m not thrilled about an influx of idol groups in China, just like I wasn’t happy about the boybands but they serve their purpose. In the meantime, these girls make a nice diversion until the anticipated eeMedia girl group (Top Combine’s female version) comes along.

Hetalia, a Japanese manga spoofing all the different countries, spoofed Korea’s reputation for claiming things as theirs first. And Korea, despite being only one of the many, many countries spoofed, was the only one who kicked up a storm about it, calling for the cancellation of the anime version.  This copy-cat calling doesn’t really help that reputation. Promoting your culture is a good thing, but if you have to continuously mock others and look for “copy-cats” to show how popular it is, then that’s just in poor taste and projects that distasteful image to others.

Most of the people I’ve met from Korea were really nice. It’s just the vocal few who feel the need to bash others to make themselves feel better  that ruin it unfortunately for them.

This video was made by urasiansourcecpop@yt to further clear up misunderstandings (Using cutie Xue Zhiqian‘s music!)

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  1. Seriously, Idol Girls is a great group. I am Chinese-American and PROUD!!! Why bash these girls? They have great potential. I am a sone….just why, why not stop insulting China!!

  2. Relax people, Idol Girls were just wanted publicity even if they tries to copy SNSD or Morning Muse, they will not going to take over them. And as for these people accusing Koreans copying ancient Chinese cultures, please note ancient Korean history is longer than Chinese, and iChing, Confucianism etc.. have reached Korea even before reaching far as Hong Kong. Korea is lot closer to where cradle of Chinese civilization was born than other places in China. There’s estimated about 30% of Koreans are these originated from Hebei, Shangdong, Liaoning long before Chinese reached these regions, so there’s similarity there, so does it means these ancient cultures of Hebei, Shangdong, Liaoning are exclusively belonged to Chinese? No obviously not, Koreans have equally share over these cultures.

  3. SNSD is going to take over the world whether haters like it or not.

    And although origins of Korean pop music began modeled after American music, much of it remains unique. I mean, most American music does not have cutesy bubbly sounds. The uniqueness comes from the hybridization of American and Asian sounds. So okay, some artists like the hip hop style more than others, that doesn’t mean all kpop artists do the same music.

    Besides, we can’t judge anyone in the music business. At this point, the world is so globalized and connected that there is no originality anymore and if there is, well heck, how would we even know?

  4. @Loren:

    I believe racism is prejudice or discrimination based upon RACE?

    People here are not generalizing Koreans as bad, so you should read carefully before you make assumptions. Heck, you can even see SOME Korean fans posting rude comments here and at the video link posted above. We have nothing against Koreans. Learn how to read, seriously.

  5. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??!!!???!!!!! okaaayyy people….THIS IS TOTAL RACISM!!!! This is like some war between snsd vs. Aiduo girls then Korean music vs. Chinese music then Chinese vs. Koreans. I admit, I am an avid listener of k-pop and I am a member of allkpop and I got disappointed when there were these girls but I didn’t make such a big fuss about it. Then I saw the blog and I didn’t really care until I saw the comments that was really racist. I have much more to say but I have to go to sleep so I’ll just say this to whoever wrote this blog.
    I can’t really hate you for what you said because it is your opinion and i respect that. That means you should learn how to respect other people’s point of view too. Don’t call Koreans such bad names or even to Chinese Americans because it is not their fault. People just wanted to listen to music. And the Koreans thought that maybe wetsternized music would make people happy. That ‘s why. Now you just turned this thing sooooo racist I can’t even believe people still actually do that nowadays. Yes I am disappointed but not because I’m a snsd fan or not because I listen to kpop but because this Koreans vs. Chinese is soooo ugly. Look, I read that you never learned about racism before but at the very least, don’t blame people’s ethnicity because that is not their fault to be whatever ethnicity they are. And stop your stereotyping.

  6. It’s really sad that a lot of hardcore k-pop fans are bashing China over something so stupid :l. I looked at the comments of gee parody for an episode of a chinese show maybe happy camp and k-pop fans were overreacting, saying china copies everyone, the girls in it suck, and they should sue the girls… :/ it was just a harmless parody -.-

  7. Wonder Girls are making a mando album for mainland, why don’t they just promo in Taiwan, which seem to be pretty deep in hanliu. I wanted WG to succeed in the US cause they’re Asian, but if they go to China it might hurt the new girl groups in China. I hope S.H.E is making a comeback around the same time as WG’ mando debut album, to hinder WG’s promo. (sorry jyp love oneday and wg just not at this time maybe in two years)

  8. @cfensi

    “Koreans remake their fair share of songs, probably equal to Cpop language remakes except they mostly get theirs from Europe, rather than the rest of Asia”

    I agree, but I think more so American than Europe. The American music style is what most of K-pop is modeled after. Since US style is hot right now, IMO the reason why K-pop is so popular in Asia is because it’s an Asian-ization of American music… basically repackaging American music to be more familiar and less foreign to Asian audiences. Just look at Big Bang and G-Dragon’s (can’t stand him) blatant copying.

  9. Koreans remake their fair share of songs, probably equal to Cpop language remakes except they mostly get theirs from Europe, rather than the rest of Asia, because I imagine it’s less offensive to Korean audiences, and their inter Asian country rivalry sensibility.

    I actually just realized, another Warner person released a cover album: Jolin Tsai and her love songs album. Her’s was crappy.

    Tsk, tsk Warner. I’d prefer their remake album scheme to Universal/SM’s let’s stick a good amount of covers into albums, because it’s more upfront, but still. Who’s the other person in the Warner big 4? I forgot…There’s Jolin, Khlalil, Jam and someone else…I want to know if they did a remakes album too.

    @Benji – The difference with Jane doing a cover, like the Teresa Teng cover album, is that it didn’t really sell that well. It sold what a cover album would usually. So that doesn’t bother me. Khalil – I love him – but his cover album beat out all the original albums that came out around the same time – for weeks it was at the top of the charts. That doesn’t encourage creativity and development of the rest of the music industry. He obviously put more of himself into it than say, Jolin, but it’s not the same as an album where people labored to create new songs.

  10. @yelei

    Oh no, Koreans are copying Chinese, whatever happened to originality?! :O

    In all seriousness, I thought it was pretty good. I still prefer David’s version because I actually understand the lyrics and I have been listening to it for the past two years or so… Which version do you like better?

  11. @ cfensi:
    I’m not especially familiar with US journalism aside from reading the occasional article or news piece, but I’ve noted that some of the BBC does have an anti-China bias. It’s slight, but noticeable. A lot of it is in the context of the BBC’s obsession with global warming (“Grr, China, grr!”), as well as the fact that a significant number of (British) Indian reporters have a negative view of China, thanks to the drummed-up India-China rivalry.
    On the other hand, James Reynolds, who I consider to be one of the best Western reporters on China, was the BBC’s former Beijing correspondent.

    I’m usually okay with covering songs. Or, at least…I’m not against it, per se. If it weren’t done, then we wouldn’t have Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You,” or Aretha’s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” or Celine’s “All By Myself” or “The Power of Love,” and a whole bunch of other ‘classic’ songs. But as the American Idol judges always point out, there’s no point in doing a cover of a song unless you do it differently, or you do it better than the original. And that’s the point that musicians should focus on.
    Whenever Jane Zhang sings 月亮代表我的心 live…which she does a lot for some reason…she does it all jazzy and R&Bishy, and not like the original. It always sounds terrible and Teresa Teng would be ashamed, but in that three minutes and a half minutes where I wish I were deaf, Jane is making it her own song.
    I guess it comes down mostly to singers who cover songs, rearranging and stylising them, and incorporating their own artistry…and then, singers who just jump into the studio with songs their record label gives them, and don’t even know if ‘their’ song is a covered or not.

    That being said, I think people who do ‘acoustic’ versions of songs are boring. > _ <

  12. @cfensi:

    I can’t agree with you more, you echo my sentiments perfectly.

    Although I thought Khalil’s Timeless was pretty unique since he added a jazzy/soulful flavor to the cover songs, overall I didn’t like it. His renditions of Hong Dou and Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You was the only reason why I bought the album. Jam’s was okay…

    @yelei: Really eh? I can’t seem to find it. I think Allkpop should just create a sub-website dedicated to bashing Cpop.

  13. @Akimi
    Recently a Korean singer did a remake of David Tao’s song.. I forgot the title, but check out at Urasiansource@youtube

  14. Vietnamese seem to look at Viet’s music industry as, “Well, most of our songs are really essentially plagiarized, but that’s how it is in Vietnam right now. We’re still developing and we’ll get better in the future, so we’ll support what we have now”. I envy that. Again, I think it’s because Vietnam is not really a target in the western news.

    But overall, what I dislike about remaking songs is that it kills development of the music industry. It’s a cheap money-saving tactic of music companies. If someone can make X amount of money covering songs, then why bother to make new music? Like Wilber Pan…he just does covers and covers. And he can sell a million album each time. So he just keeps doing it. It doesn’t help the industry grow and he doesn’t seem to care.

    Even with Khalil Fong’s Timeless, where it’s explicitly stated that it’s a cover album, and you can tell he’s an artist and did a really good job bringing in his own flavor to them, I still feel uncomfortable with the fact that it can sell so so well, beating original albums. Because essentially, the songs were there already…he’s not making new songs. And I’m afraid it’s going to lead to more cover albums.

    Actually it already did…Warner (also Khalil’s label) let Jam Hsiao do a cover album, Love Moments, one that I really didn’t like. Songs were good…but Jam didn’t add too much. But it still sold and took market share from original albums.

  15. @yelei: Haha, I think so too. Some of them are really biased.

    @cfensi: I concur with everything you said. But just to let you know, 70% of Vietnamese songs are plagiarized (copied without giving due credit or buying the rights) from mostly Hong Kong and Taiwan. Even so, I still don’t see a lot of Viets complaining whatsoever! D:

    @chinkirox: I know right?! Super Junior M made a remake of Sandy Lam’s 至少還有你, Kim Hyung Joong made a remake of Guang Liang’s 童话, Hyesung & MLTR made a remake of Jacky Cheung’s 吻别, and I don’t see any one going all berserk. Some people even accused Guang Liang of copying Tong Hua from Kim Hyung Joong when he himself COMPOSED it. There was even a thread on Soompi that had a long list of Korean remakes of foreign songs, but the moderators took it down because the members complained.

    I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with remaking songs. Sure, it may be deemed as unoriginal to many people, but as long as it’s legal, then why not? However, I do have to admit that artists like WILBER PAN, Jolin Tsai, Energy, K ONE, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, etc aren’t original AT ALL. They’re diluting the reputation of Cpop. (my opinion)

  16. I’ve always wondered what kind of people go around digging for this kind of stuff. I know there are Chinese netizens that digging up on peoples’ lives too, but I never heard anything like what the Korean netizens are doing. For example, did you hear about the car accident, where the drunk driver hit a women but got away unscathed? And he made a 40 minute phone call to someone right after he realized he hit someone (it was caught on camera). The netizens somehow found out who he made the phone call to, it was to a district official, who obviously helped him get out of trouble. Even though what the Chinese netizens did was a good thing, but I still feel like both Chinese and Korean people are so blog hit oriented, that they are willing to do anything to get more hits.

    @yelei: I read that too (about big bag)! I blame the stupid company, for adopting “Korea’s idol group training system”. I think this one might actually be a bored netizen, b/c BB wouldn’t need this kind of publicity to expand into China. But I don’t understand why allkpop would bring up an old issue, without changing or adding anything. (unless they’re just seeking attention, like those girls cutting themselves for their idols. ew)

    @Akimi: I totally agree! You know the song “Deal With It” by Corbin Bleu? I love how when it’s a Korean boy band copying the exact beat all the netizens are like “OMG this is so much better then the original” and when someone say that SHINee copied the beat, the netizens are like, “but SM brought the right to the track” and “they wrote their own lyrics” And yeah, I really hate how this turned into a complete ethnic/race thing instead (of what it should be) the poor judgment of the company.

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