Chen Kun’s 3rd Album “Mi ME” Pictures

This was an abruptly announced entry into the packed December release schedule. Chen Kun is known mainly as an actor, but he worked his way through college by singing in bars, and has previously released two albums, Osmosis (2004) and To Come True Once Again (2006). Now after a very busy and successful year in films and television, he’s releasing his third album. Previously he had a mellow, rnb/jazz sound (his favorite genre), but the direction here seems completely different.

A reason for the change in style could be that he now has an award-winning production team from all over the Greater China region behind him. Included in that team is one of Faye Wong’s producer, and it’s been said he might share a stage with Faye Wong during his comeback. I never pay attention to Faye Wong rumors because they usually never materialize into anything and lead to disappointment, but just the thought  made me smile. Since he there does seem to be much more money being spent on his new album, hopefully  there will be as many MVs released as for his 2006 album, for which  he had three  MVs, all nicely shot.

The first single: Qiang Wei Xing.

I’ve wanted him to release an new album for so long and  so much that sometimes I wished  he would just quit acting, but then I probably would have missed his acting too much.  But right now I’ve already spazzed myself out at the realization of him releasing a new album (he really didn’t give much warning). There’s so many December releases I don’t even know which direction to look anymore. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully some of them push their release dates back.

These are some of the pictures; I was too tired to upload them all.  The rest are here.


Oh, and I’m not sure if anyone else enjoyed this performance enough to care, but rorolind@yt put up a HQ version of Chen Kun singing Ying Shan Hong, his lastest performance. I think I really enjoyed the performance because  there’s so many shots of women in the audience that I can empathize with. There’s a fine progression of facial expression there, from first distracted, to listening attentively, to singing along, to looking like they can’t wait to just eat him up. Good job cameraman.

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  1. If long dramas have bad-quality, wouldn’t people just choose to not watch them?

    It would be nice if they could limit ancient dramas a bit; most of the modern ancient dramas are just modern dramas with ancient clothes and weird plots; they show nothing and teach nothing and reflect nothing. But a lot of people would probably die if the good ancient plots like Jin Yong or the 4 books are cut down to make them short enough for viewing. The 1987 hong lou meng drama was brilliant… until I read the book and realized that there were a lot of cute side stories that they cut out. =___=

  2. @cfensi
    But a lot of series are more episodical. For example, most American ones… I can’t imagine Three Kingdoms or Jin Yong novles being less than 10 episodes unless they cut up everything.

  3. I don’t know… I feel like dramas should be however long they want to be. Personally…I think 30 episodes is enough, but I hate restrictions and limitations.

  4.  这并不是本次会议上广电透露的唯一一条新出台规则,广电总局副局长胡占凡发言,指出目前中国电视剧长度注水状况严重,越来越多的集数影响了剧集质量,并表示限制电视剧长度的规定即将出炉:“以后电视剧如果超过三十集,搞不好就播不出去了。”

    so it seems like: in the near future, any series with more than 30 episodes might not be air.

  5. @yelei
    Is there a source for the first part? Because there was a rumor about that about the same time as the rumor for “no more ancient dramas.” The second is obviously false, and the first one is very unlikely considering dramas like Three Kingdoms will pretty much have to be longer. It seems dubious that SARFT would do something like that. SARFT may not be the smartest, but they’re not stupid, neither.

  6. Hmm, I wonder if it’s true.
    Netease (via reposted SARFT’s announcement to limit TV dramas next year to under 30 episodes. The department director of TV dramas at SARFT (广电总局电视剧司管理司司长), Li Jingsheng (李京盛), criticized on 9 December that Narrow Dwellings is popular because, “It uses the topics of sex and officials to raise its profile.”

  7. Yay! Chen Kun’s singing is awesome! Glad to know he’s putting another album…

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