eeMedia Family Winter MV Pictures Part 3

I want this poster on my wall

You can also watch behind the scenes here , here, here and here. The song is composed by Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang and you can listen to it here. Shoutout to fountainpark723@youtube for uploading most of the videos.

The main group released is that of Super Girls Huang Ying, Yu Kewei, Tan Lina and Ai Mengmeng and Super Boys Wei Chen and Su Xing. eeMedia really need a Super Boys next year or else it’ll be the Female Warriors of the Dragon Clan, not that I mind.  Single shots of Meteor Shower actor Zhang Han (who’s filming a movie in Korea), Super Girl Tan Weiwei (who recently won the Golden Horse) and Super Boy Amulong (who released an album that no one knows about) have also been released in minimum amounts.

12 thoughts on “eeMedia Family Winter MV Pictures Part 3

  1. About the dancing in the water stuff: I thought that maybe they got the idea from Blue Bird Flying Fish’s Wu Gun, since at one point they were dancing in water too.

    Ma Xueyang never fails to amaze me with his composing ability~

  2. kpop fans are (probably) going to call out yichun’s dance in the water as copying SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong

  3. Second News Clip:


    And the actual (?) song


  4. here’s a news clip of the MV:


  5. lmao i love the third to last pic with su xing’s leg up in the air lmao its soo cute <3 i cant wait for the MV.

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