Jane Zhang’s new song and random news

While Jane’s busy doing various things (she’s in Tokyo right now?), her company Show City Times is releasing its first album for Super Boy Wang Zhengliang late this month. Not a big fan of him, but he’s from our favorite Music Conservatory and has a good voice.

More interestingly, Super Girl Pan Chen is joining Show City soon. It’s uncertain she’ll sign a record or management contract, but at least we know she’s not in the girl group.

Yu Kewei was a little faster and signed record contracts with Rock Records this week. She was promised an album in 100 days, which means she’ll probably be the second 2009 Super Girl to release a new album. Listen to a new song by the first album releaser Zeng Yike here.

A day later, Li Yuchun also signed with Rock Records for releases outside of mainland. Does that make Yu Kewei her elder? Her latest album “Li Yuchun” will be released in Taiwan late this month. Her second self-composed/written/directed MV has also been released.

14 thoughts on “Jane Zhang’s new song and random news

  1. I like Jane. I wish Jane and Zhang Li yin can do a duet. sing a R&B ballad. They are both great singers; Li Yin’s voice is a bit more powerful, but it will be a great performance.

  2. I think the instrumentation to the song sounds more like Beyoncé’s Halo than anything. I don’t think it’s too similar to Better In Time. Only in the way that piano-driven pop-R&B has that…thing…to it.

  3. @Danier
    No idea who produced this, but Jane did recently sign a record label with Universal. But her management company is her self-started company Show City Times.

  4. Her voice is amazing, and this song is pretty funky… but it has a LOT of similarities with Leona Lewis’ “BETTER IN TIME.”

    Check it out:

    -beginning chord progression and Jane’s ad lib singing is similar to Leona’s
    -the beat and chords throughout is similar
    -backup refrain is similar to that on Better in Time

  5. @Benji
    My thought exactly. I totally spazzed and wrote everything in this post just so I could put up that song….at literally the middle of the night.

    I’m just praying this isn’t a remake that Universal loves so much.

  6. Argh….I just heard the song. AHHHHHH….this is too much for one girl. WTF Chen Kun? Why didn’t you give anyone warning?

    I’ve waited forever it seems to hear him sing again, and it is so beautiful. I could listen to that voice forever.

  7. @Benji – You can’t compare DBSK/CJSH to a unknown mainland girlgroup from probably a crappy company. I say unknown because well, I have no idea what girlgroup you’re talking about. There aren’t really mainland girlgroups yet.

    SHE does harmonize excellently. I love them. But I think BOBO, Top Combine also harmonize well, especially considering they’re newer groups.

    But you’ll be happy to know that Jane really is going for an upbeat album for her next release, because she doesn’t like how she gives off a melancholy image from her previous songs/themesongs.

    Anyway, I just came in to scream:

    OMG CHEN KUN LOOKS SO HOT IN HIS ALBUM PICTURES! AHHHHHH! Why exams must you prevent me from posting such hotness? Chen Kun always has the best album pics. AHHHHHHH! CHEN KUN! SINGING AGAIN! AFTER THREE YEARS! OMG…..don’t reply to this I need to study. Will post tomorrow after exams. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Edit: Ok….not all the pics are out. I would have to wait to post anyway. Everyone resume your daily business. But GUH. Chen Kun. I just adore his voice.

  8. Oh? What’s this? A Jane Zhang song that isn’t from a movie soundtrack and doesn’t bore me at the first listen? I must say I’m actually kinda impressed. The song isn’t super magically catchy or anything, but I like the direction that she’s going in with the music. You don’t hear that style of R&B in much Chinese music.
    The vocal arrangement, however, is actually pretty disappointing. The right arrangement could have made that song a whole lot better. It’s a significant problem within the Mainland music industry, I think. Nobody really knows how to put the vocals in a song together. (Which girl group was it where they wore tight leather clothes in the music video, and the entire song was just all of them singing the same words at the same time?)
    S.H.E are very good when it comes to that. DBSK and Girl DBSK harmonise well, too.

    All that being said…yay! New Jane Zhang song! And it doesn’t suck, either! *squee* T _ T
    And it’s good to hear some of those whistle register notes being used in her songs~ : )

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