BOBO Happy Camp most watched show of the night

BOBO was on Happy Camp last Saturday, helping it to be the number one watched show of that time period. Watch part 1 here and part 2 here. Interview translation of BOBO below the cut

Zhang Jie and Li Yuchun will appear on the next two episodes of Happy to promote their new albums next. Who’s excited for some Zhang Jie-Xie Na interactions? The preview made me lol so much when Zhang Jie pretended to be his picture that always appears on Happy Camp when he’s mentioned and said “what does that have to do with me?”

On the show, BOBO sung "hope," "gray dimension" and "today I will marry you" together.

Q: Speaking of compatibility(默契), how compatible (默契) are you guys?
JBR: Like when people ask us questions, or when we are expressing thoughts about a thing, we would often say the same thing together.
FXB: For example, when we’re acting together, if one of us makes a mistake, the other one can improv and turn the mistake into a spark.

Q: In two years, are there anything you haven’t told each other yet but always wanted?
JBR: I ….really, really…want to go with Baozi to return to Xi’an to eat yangroupaomo (lamb+mantou soup)
FXB: If after seeing him everyday, and still haven’t told him, I would’ve suffocated.

Q: After being together for two years, what are some things that the other one touched you the most?
JBR: Once while filming, I was really tired and fell asleep on a chair. Baozi took off his clothes and put it on me. I was really touched.
FXB: I remember in “Diary Exchange,” Bao’er wrote a long message to me. Part of it was : “Let us hold each others hand tightly and face the future together. Let us strengthen about our beliefs and compatibility(默契) and the future will be bright like the sunshine.”

Q: In your hearts, what is each other to you? Friend? Co-worker? Family?
JBR: Like brothers
FXB: A part of my life. Without him, there are many things I wouldn’t know how to face.


5 thoughts on “BOBO Happy Camp most watched show of the night

  1. just saw the zhang jie hapy camp … cute <3
    he's all grown up and more comfortable with the jokes (i think nana's humor is rubbing off on him). Even if they're making fun of him & nana, he didnt seem that awkward =]

  2. they are so cute! when is their album coming out? any other new activities (i.e. CF, movies, variety shows) planned in the new future?

  3. hahaha. i screamed in excitment when i watched happy camp last saturday. :)
    xie na and zhang jie! it’s going to be fun :)

  4. i love bobo and their relationship. it reminds me a lot of the relationship i have with my best friend…

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