New eeMedia Family Winter MV being made

Like last year, eeMedia’s filming a year-end MV although this time it’s only with Yu Haoming, Wang Yuexin(!), Top Combine and Pan Chen and Pan Hongyue. But that doesn’t mean the behind the scenes pictures are any less fun to look at. I think I gained like five new ships. They even have me shipping Wang Yuexin/Pan Chen now. Madness. Sorry for the lack of Jin Ensheng and Zhang Yuan, hopefully other pictures will come out soon.

And slightly related if you want to watch:  Top Combine MV Teaser came out.

15 thoughts on “New eeMedia Family Winter MV being made

  1. @stars – There are a few, that I will have to ask someone else about bc I don’t remember them. China has recently begun to celebrate Christmas to the point where it’s pretty noticeable on the streets, with decorations in stores etc, but they’re not quite at the point where people caught up enough in the “Spirit of Christmas” to write songs.

    Ji Jie did release an EP with Jazz-version of Christmas songs, but they’re in English.

    @auradis – The A-One members’ ages haven’t been released yet. It’s kind of common, sometimes, for Chinese celebrities. But I’m glad you like A-One!

  2. Hey~ I just started reading your blog and I’m really enjoying it :)

    This is off-topic, but I was wondering if you know the ages of the A-One members. I’ve been looking for them online but I’ve only found their birthdates without years :(


  3. Everyone looks so happy and cute!

    Cfensi, I was wondering if you could make a post around Christmas time on any new holiday songs coming out this year/past few years because I’ve been having an incredibly hard time finding any in the Chinese language.

  4. Im not used to Liu Zhou Cheng’s hair yet lols and Ma Xue yang looks like he has bags ='[ not enough sleep but every one does look happy and i cant waitt xD

  5. Xueyang’s not very good at making a goofy face, is he? Heh. Looks too fluffy for me to appreciate it right now, but it does look good.

  6. This is so happy and cute!

    Everyone’s actually smiling and everything is bright and adorable.

    …why Pan Hongyue? Could it be that she has a new company deal? Everyone else is related to an outside company…

  7. i can’t for the mv, everyone looks so happy (plus clothing style is a much MUCH better than last year~ although i am still getting use to TC’s new hair style…)

  8. Yu Hao Ming’s hair looks weird..
    all of them look like they’re having fun :)
    yay for eeMedia family<3

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