National Geographic showcases actor Hu Ge’s photography

Even National Geographic has to use a few tricks to break into the Chinese market (maybe because Chinese National Geography has so much better pictures?). The Chinese version has launched a new section featuring celebrity photography of places around the world. Actor Hu Ge (Chinese Paladin, Legend of Condor Heroes, Young Warriors of the Yang Clan), being  one of the best celeb photographers around, was invited to showcase his photos during his trip to Egypt earlier this year. Other than cute pictures of his best buds, a sample of Hu Ge’s photography since going to Egypt (aka his photography this year):


Hu Ge-sponsored Zhangmian Hope School


Modern technology versus ancient temple

People as scenery

Commercial posters plastored all over the walls of a historical door


source: National Geographic China and Hu Ge’s blog

26 thoughts on “National Geographic showcases actor Hu Ge’s photography

  1. @beh and others

    SNSD – in China they’re not really that popular. No more so than Morning Musume. They only have like 3000 registered people at their tieba. Kpop’s not that popular in China, just certain groups like TVXQ, SJ, and Shinwa (for older fans). Basically any boys SM puts out.

    Chinese =/= Chinese Americans. China doesn’t fall in love with everything kpop throws at them.

    That’s probably why f(x) hasn’t debuted in China yet. They have to first manage a strong fanbase in Korea to be even known in China, and they haven’t got that yet.

    But just in case – I still hope this group can succeed just so China’s first girlgroup is actually Chinese. Top Combine had so many haters right off the bat just because fangirls sensed they were competition. Remember when they got booed on stage? I don’t want to see that bias happen ever again. Luckily they’ve got lots of talent to back themselves up.

    The pastel + the fact that they all have dyed hair makes them seem artificial though…but I like the fact that they’re bubblegum pop. It doesn’t overlap with what I imagine eeMedia’s girlgroup to be like. One of their songs totally sounded jpop.


    I think it depends on the person. Mine was dyed before and I loved it. There’s diversity in Asian looks, so I’d imagine that some people would look good with it and some not.

    Jane however – no.

  2. Hmm…actually I think it was mrpeng who brought up idolggirls first. But I’m not sure. Yep, i have a terrible memory.

  3. @ julie

    It reminded me of when Shakira tried to enter the US market and ended up dying her hair blond as well.

    It made me sad that they no longer looked like themselves and angry that the producers or whoever thought this would be a good idea…

  4. @julie
    I didn’t like Jane’s blonde hair either. = _ =
    But it looks better now that it’s more of a faded brown. She’s lost a lot of weight, too, and she’s not a totally inept dancer anymore!
    I’m hoping for better songs on her next album, whenever that will be. She has such a great voice, but most of her songs are disappointing. She has about three songs that I actually “like.”

    I’m not personally from Fujian, but maybe my ancestors a couple hundred years ago.
    This is my “ancestral village” place (I think). Yay for Google Maps!

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