The Winners of the 46th Golden Horse Awards


I bumped the list of nominations because the ceremony is today, and edited in the winners. This was a shocker because a certain film got shut out, winning none of its nominations. (Hint: it’s one of the above – both heavy favorites for the best picture award)

The whole thing was a lot more boring than last year, probably because the jury did not pick very big films, and completely had shut out Red Cliff 2 from nominations.

Although interestingly – this year was the first year purely Chinese films were allowed to compete. Before they had to be partially invested in by Taiwanese producers. And in a sign of better cross-strait relations China’s CCTV in tur broadcasted the awards.

As some guessed, Taiwanese actor turned filmmaker Leon Dai won best picture for his film No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti. He also nabbed four other awards.

Best Feature Film

  • No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti– an indie Taiwanese film about a father- daughter relationship Reviews: 1 2
  • Cow  – A story about a simple-minded Chinese man protecting a Dutch cow during the 1940s Japanese invasion. Reviews 1 2
  • Crazy Racer – a frenetic commercial comedy by rising director Ning Hao that did well at China’s box office Reviews 1 2
  • Face (Visage) – French arthouse film about the Salome myth by Taiwan-based Malaysian Chinese director Tsai Ming-liang. Review
  • Like A Dream – a romantic drama that goes from Shanghai to Taipei to New York. No reviews available. Or trailers or anything.

Best Short Film

  • Sleeping With Her,  Chih Yi Wen
  • Invisible Loneliness,  Lin Jung Hsien
  • Ending Cut,  Wu’s Production Co.

Best Documentary

  • KJ: music and life,  CNEX Foundation Limited
  • Baseball Boys,  Public Television Service Foundation
  • Let The Wind Carry Me – The Fleeting Moments of Mark Lee,  Chiang Hsiu Chiung. Kwan Pun Leung. Tony Luo

Best Director

  • Leon Dai, No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti
  • Guan Hu, Cow
  • Tsai Ming Liang, Face
  • Clara Law, Like A Dream

Best Leading Actor

  • Chen Wen-Pin, No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti
  • Nick CheungThe Beast Stalker
  • Huang BoCow
  • Daniel WuLike A Dream

Best Leading Actress

  • Sandrine PinnaYANG YANG
  • Yolanda YuanLike A Dream
  • Zhou XunThe Message
  • Li Bingbing,  The Message

Best Supporting Actor

  • Cai Zhen NanEnding Cut
  • Huang Chien-Wei,  YANG YANG
  • Zhang Han YuThe Equation of Love and Death
  • Wang Xue Qi,  Forever Enthralled

Best Supporting Actress

  • Liou Yiin ShangSleeping With Her
  • Lu Yi-ChingA Place of One’s Own
  • Wai YinghongHung At the End of Daybreak
  • Zhang ZiyiForever Enthralled

Best New Performer

  • Chen Wen-PinNo Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti
  • Her Sy-Huoy, YANG YANG
  • Yu Shao Qun, Forever Enthralled
  • Michelle Chen, Hear Me

Best Original Screenplay

  • Leon Dai、Chen Wen-Pin, No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti
  • Cui Siwei、Xing Aina、Wang Hongwei、Wang Yao、Zhou Zhiyong、Yue Xiaojun、Zhang Cheng, Crazy Racer
  • Cheng Wen-Tang、Cheng Jin Fen、Chang I-Feng, Tears
  • Eddie Fong、Clara Law, Like A Dream

Best Screenplay Adaption

  • Guan Hu, Cow
  • Chen Kuo-Fu 、Zhang Jialu ,The Message
  • Gu Xiaoni, Death Dowry

Best Cinematography

  • Song Xiao Fei – Cow
  • Sion Michel(A.C.S) – Like A Dream
  • Zhao Xiao Shi – Wheat
  • Cao Yu – City of Life and Death

Best Visual Effects

  • Jiang Weibin .Lei Zaixing – Da Ming Palace
  • Wang Jianxiong、Jimmy Chen、Li Liping – Crazy Racer
  • Don Ma – City of Life and Death
  • Hu Xuan 、Xiao Yang – The Message

Best Art Direction

  • HuaTa-Hua – No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti
  • Lee Tian Jue、Patrick Dechesne、Alain – Pascal Housiaux Face
  • Yee Chung Man – Like A Dream
  • Shi Haiying、Yang Haoyu – The Message

Best Makeup & Costume Design

  • Emi Wada – The Warrior and the Wolf
  • Chen Tong Xun – Forever Enthralled
  • Christian Lacroix、Wang Chia Hui、Anne Dunsford – Face
  • Ye Jingtian – The Message

Best Action Choreography

  • Tung Wai – The Beast Stalker
  • Chen Guan Long 、Qin Hai Qiang – Cow
  • Philippe Decouflé – Face
  • Sammo Hung – Ip Man

Best Original Film Score

  • Lim Giong – YANG YANG
  • Dou Wei、Bi Xiao Di – The Equation of Love and Death
  • Paul Grabowsky – Like A Dream
  • Liu Xing – Wheat

Best Original Film Song

  • Sayonala
    from : <Tears> Lyric: Yang Ta-Cheng、ENNO Composer :ENNO Performer :ENNO
  • The Flow of Clouds
    from : <Young Spirit of a Taiwanese opera singer> Lyric :Peng Zhang-zhan Composer: Peng Zhang-zhan Performer :Christine Shu
  • For My Heart
    from : <Death Dowry> Lyric:Zeng Yan Composer:Zeng Yan Performer:Tao Hong 、Tan Weiwei

Best Film Editing

  • Cheung King Wai – KJ: music and life
  • Leon Dai – No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti
  • Kong Jinlei – Cow
  • Zhang Yifan、 Du Yuan、Tang Hua – Crazy Racer

Best Sound Effect

  • Cheung King Wai – KJ: music and life
  • Tu Duu-Chih – YANG YANG
  • Tu Duu-Chih – Like A Dream
  • Wang Changrui – Wheat

The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year

  • Let The Wind Carry Me – The Fleeting Moments of Mark Lee – Chiang Hsiu Chiung. Kwan Pun Leung. Tony Luo
  • No Pudeo Vivir Sin Ti – Luminoso Film Co., Ltd.、Partyzoo Film Co., Ltd.
  • YANG YANG – Khan Entertainment Co., LTD

The Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year

  • Lee Lung-Yue
  • Jack Kao
  • Leon Dai

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Ming Ji

Special Contribution Award

  • George Wang

What I wrote about the nominations when they were announced:

Like a Dream, starring Daniel Wu and Yuan Quan, which I posted on…so so long ago when I first started this site,  and thought wasn’t getting released because there’s been barely any news of it since, has topped with 9 nominations. It may not win best  film however, with “No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti” having already won two film festivals in its favor, but at least it’ll be buzzed about finally. I want to see some dancing from Daniel Wu. Other notables are the fact that both Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing are going up against each other for The Message. Along with rising favorite Taiwanese actress Sandrine Pinna, that category is stiff with competition.

The poor cast and crew of Like a Dream. Nine nominations and no wins…the disappointment must be so great.

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  1. bc zhou xun won it b4…li bingbing didn’t.
    wow…Gui Lunmei (btw…you spelled her name wrong in the twitter) is Leon Dai’s girlfriend? She’s like…two decades younger.

  2. Does anyone else the Like a Dream poster reminds them of Harry Potter, namely Daniel Radcliffe?

    Tan Weiwei? Really?

    I wonder how they picked Li Bingbing over Zhou Xun. I felt like Zhou Xun’s role had more complexity to it.

  3. Thanks for this! Yes, I’ve been waiting for “Like a dream” for a year now. Looks like a good movie and I hope this will be released soon. Cant also wait for Daniel’s “dancing skills”.*wink* wink* :P

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