Zhong Guo Feng Singer-Songwriters Vae and Hou Xian Releasing Albums Soon

That’s right! Two more singers are joining the December release bandwagon,  and this time they’re of the zgf singer-songwriter variety,   Hou Xian and Vae, probably China’s most popular. Vae, is a doctor-songwriter who had written and digitally released over 100 songs, and had gained a hardcore fanbase online  before finally deciding to release an album last year.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember Vae from when I first posted on him, you can check out this song from his first album:

His first single from his second album:

It’s said the album will cover a very wide range of styles, and like last time, only be available by ordering through his website, vaecn. I still don’t even know if he’s really serious about the songwriting thing, or if he’s just doing it on the side next to his medical work. At any rate, he seems to be a very prolific songwriter so it may not be much trouble balancing it all.


Hou Xian in the brand new home recording studio Tiano Hao got for him

As for Hou Xian, there’s been a series of articles about him ever since he signed with Tian Hao entertainment, and today there was an article about how he’s trying get his album for next month. To which I ask why? I hope he pushes it back…especially since I liked how he took his time with perfecting each album/EP  he made because so far I’ve liked almost every song he’s released. Tian Hao recently just signed Sara, HIT-5, and Hou Xian, and they seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket by having them release around the same time. Sara just released her EP, HIT-5’s being recorded, and now Hou Xian too?

Since we’re talking about Zhong Guo Feng singer-songwriters, listen to poor Kent’s recently released EP. He’s the least famous of the three and would need the sales most, but I guess he’s still lucky he got in before the big convergences of releases in December.

More of KeNT’s new album at urasiancpopsource2.

And aren’t non-mainland singer-songwriters of similar style like JJ Lin releasing? I might as well take next year off if most of  my favorite singers that I like are releasing before the year is out.

10 thoughts on “Zhong Guo Feng Singer-Songwriters Vae and Hou Xian Releasing Albums Soon

  1. @L
    I’m not exactly sure which one he sung in the competition, but the best fast song he wrote is “Huang Di/Emperor.”


  2. What was Anson’s song from that competition?? um…ming sheng da zhan during the finale?? the really fast one??

  3. i saw this article in aiya they didn’t, and i just knew (without even checking the source) it must have come from this site~ your articles does not only convey facts and news, it also gives a general uptake on cpop and personal opinion, way to go!

  4. You should check out KeNT. His debut album (whose cover btw, was used above, for his new EP, so don’t get confused) had this track: 囧囧

    I’m still really pissed off at all the releases. At first it was just a little worrisome, and now I’m just flabbergasted at how they are literally all releasing at the same time. If A-One fails miserably, heads will roll.

    I’m sort of happy to hear that Vae’s still releasing albums though. If it’s a hobby and doesn’t interfere with him being a doctor, I don’t see why not. He doesn’t need to do any promotions – his albums sell so fast just because he’s that popular.

  5. I hadn’t heard of Kent, but I’ll have to check out more of his stuff. The other guys I’m already familiar with, so I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. :D

  6. @yelei – oh Thanks! I actually like the song now that I’m awake, listened to the full thing and I’m not enraged like I was last night when I heard this news.

    @beh – usually I don’t post download links but his first album is sold out, and he doesn’t seem to plan on restocking, so:

    I just did a google search – vae personalize

    @idarklight – Yeah I didn’t like Men’s KTV either. Love Anson’s voice, but his compositions – well, my favorite album of his is the Red Songs EP. By a lot. Like I said, China had some amazing composers even back then.

  7. *cough* Anson Hu’s releasing, too, and he generally does ZGF (except for his last album, which happened to be my least favorite despite its commercial success)…P.S. Anson’s new song = Lin Wenxuan’s most awkwardly fitted lyrics ever…

    oh, dear…maybe they were banking on the fact that all the hard-studiers would come back to entertainment during break?

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