Yu Haoming Releases Album with ‘Hugs’ from eeMedia family

Usually there’s one or two hugs at a album release, but Yu Haoming’s release of his first album, “Hug” was filled with them, which made the whole affair very cute.  It included those from Wei Chen and Zhu Zixiao, the supporting H2 of Meteor Shower, and from his two favorite girls – Zheng Shuang and Liu Xijun. Top Combine, whom he trained with in their early days was there to support him as well.

With Top Combine whose practicing their poses for their own album release next month.

Liu Zhoucheng and Yu Haoming – The two Canto boys from eeMedia

With Zheng Shuang. Ok,  hopefully without sounding creepily stalkerish I always thought she made the 1.80-1.83 m guys of Meteor Shower seem shorter because she was taller than the other “Makinos”. And she seemed to get taller and taller, and so out of curiousity, I checked and she’s now 1.68m according to baike. I know these pics aren’t a great guage, but does it look like she grew to anyone else? I need to know I’m not hallucinating the growth thing. What I really need is to stop looking at pics of people on the other side of the globe all the time. -_-

And speaking of Liu Xijun, if she was jealous of all the free hugs Yu Haoming was giving, she hid it well…

Because she got her own too of course…

If the company is in fact milking whatever may or may not exist between these two, I don’t care, because they are too cute. More Haoming/Xjun cuteness please!

But overall, I think the happiest to receive a hug from Yu Haoming was Zhu Zixiao, keeping my original OTP from Meteor Shower alive. There was another pic I didn’t save, but his eyes were closed. He’s  adorable. As idarklight twittered, he’ll be hosting a Hunan TV show with Tang Xiao.

And where was Zhang Han, the one who gained the most fans of the four boys from Meteor Shower? He wasn’t able to be there because he was busy one-upping Haoming’s display of affection by giving out a kiss in Korea. He’s apparently filming a show there, which he revealed through his blog. As you may recall, he was the one at the press conference about the new drama company Shengshi. It seems they’ve put him to work already.

The eeMedia family have been traveling quite a bit – to Japan to film variety show Bravely Going Forward, where Han Geng and Zheng Shuang held hands on a rollercoaster, and where Zhang Han wasn’t there to stop them, and to Korea where Yu Haoming went to film an MV, and where Liu Xijun went for who knows what reason.

Overall, it seems like there’s quite a lot of changes being made in the company – it’s definitely getting bigger, and it seems far more organized with lots of new connections ranging from companies with composers like Modern Sky to companies with money like Shanda, a great improvement than from a year ago. The changes give me a lot of hope – even if eeMedia does put out some weird self-mocking songs.

17 thoughts on “Yu Haoming Releases Album with ‘Hugs’ from eeMedia family

  1. @Benji – I’ve paid attention to their height before in comparison to others, where their shoes aren’t like this…and in group shots Zheng Shuang is the one whose height doesn’t match up. She seems really a lot taller.

    In one pic she was at least as tall as He Jiong, whose purported height is 172 cm. Would look for it, but it’s so late.

    I don’t know…her growth just seems to stand out to me. And it seems really late for a growth spurt even if she is young. Kinda weird.

    @ Lily – maybe wait a couple of weeks? It should get there sooner or later. But if not, wait till after December and hopefully I should have a tutorial for buying from Chinese websites.

  2. Aww, what a cute post! Xiao Shuang is wearing killer heels, no wonder she makes the boys look not that tall. :)

    Where can I find Liu Zhoucheng singing Haoming’s “Hug”?

  3. where was wang yuexin thought he will be there~

    and zhoucheng singing haoming canto version of ‘hug’ was so cute…i wish they have a duet together~!

    xiaoshuang and haoming looks so cute

  4. @cfensi
    I think it’s adorable how much Yu Haoming enjoys speaking Cantonese. He gets so excited when he sees a HK/GD guest on TTXS.

    But the Super Boys gave their measures before being famous, when eeMedia wouldn’t have changed their stats or else all the knock-outs would spill their secrets. And Wei Chen is ridiculously tall when viewed against a lot of people.

  5. Hehe, it’s funny you should mention the heights of the guys. Did you notice the extra two inches on their shoes? c( :
    I wouldn’t be surprised if their ‘official’ heights were exaggerated a little bit.
    It’s a common practice in Korea, at least.

    That’s such a cute puppy, though! Look at its fat little tummy. T _ T
    *poke poke poke*

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