Super Girls releasing new songs

Super Girls 2009 iBubble commercial

Going backwards from 2009, the the first 2009 Super Girl to release a MV was top 60 Luo Zhenhuan for her new EP. Zeng Yike will be the first to release her new album. See her album cover (with a sheep!) here. Meanwhile, Jiang Yingrong sings the new theme for Maybelline. You can hear the recorded version here, or you can watch the much superior live version:


From 2006, Tan Weiwei released a fascinating song dissing both eeMedia and Laure Shang. The song was composed by Life Journey and penned by Gao Xiaosong and Tan Weiwei.

Newly named Jeno, Liu Liyang released her new EP “Forward” and three new MV’s – Present, Worship You and Fine alone, though our favorite video of her recently was one of her kissing Yoga Lin.

From the 2005 crowd, Li Yuchun released two MV’s for movie theme songs, including a cute one for an anime version of the Monkey King and a sad one for Bodyguards and Assassins.

He Jie also released the MV for her song “You’re my scenery.” She’s so beautiful, though we miss her smiles.

6 thoughts on “Super Girls releasing new songs

  1. hahaha. i hate to admit but she sounds alot better in this than her live singing.. stll all over the place though

  2. This might be odd, but even though I hated Zheng Yike at first, I’ve grown to like her. (Ok, I think I just lost whatever respect and credibility people may have for me by this statement, lol). And I’m not afraid to announce it.

    I don’t think she can sing; when I first heard her sing, I was horrified. How can anyone who has the voice of a child be a super idol? But after hearing the song several times over the next several weeks, I’ve slowly converted to her “charm.” She has this lilt to her singing that I find very charming; and the songs are mostly simple and easy to follow. Pretty much anyone can sing her songs the way she did, and I agree. But it’s the simplicity of the way she sings that’s rare to come by. I don’t really know much about her besides her singing in the contest, but if they are the only things that I have to judge by, I say she can pass for an idol — maybe just not “super”.

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