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Li Xijun and Yu Haoming on the set of Yu Haoming's new MV filming...not sure why, but they're so cute together

The bad news is that Xue Zhiqian‘s upcoming album is actually a compilation album. Which means Incomplete Song and My Athena are the only new tracks, whereas the 12 other tracks are old. But for him it’s probably better that he doesn’t put out all that effort into composing for an actual album.

Because there’s too many new releases and too much competition.

In addition to the ones I mentioned earlier Anson Hu announced he would release his new album in December and newly married  Peng Tan announced he’d be releasing an acoustic album, with 5 old and 4 new tracks, although he notes that his style has changed. BOBO, (who just went on Happy Camp!) is now also expected to release their album in December, since most of the recording has been done.

And KenT‘s releasing an EP? He’s a great Zhong Guo Feng singer-songwriter  from Guangdong  that released his 1st album last year  that I never posted on, but enjoyed nevertheless. It had a couple Cantonese tracks too. So I guess the mainland male artists  decided it would be fun to just duke it out this winter. I’m so pissed  at  their companies.

There’s also lots of singles being released. A-One just released a fifth track, Chocolate, from their 2nd album. Still no info from their company on when the album is coming out, but hopefully it’s not in December. Wang Zhengliang…the first artist signed under Jane Zhang’s own company, Show City Music, also performed a new song he composed. The rumor is that Supergirl Pan Chen may also join Show City.

Speaking of Supergirls, many, many of them released singles, not to mention almost all the individual MVs are out from the Supergirls 2009 Top 10 compilation album.  We’ll probably do a separate post on those. Oh…and this probably isn’t what most people want to hear, but Zeng Yike is getting her own album in December. Yep. Optimistically speaking though, I’d rather she be the one with a hastily-made album than the other girls; indeed  it would seem more effort is being put into Jiang Yingrong, who’s getting special training.

Interestingly, Tang Yan, the actress from Chinese Paladin 3 is also recording a single. Why? No idea. Maybe it’s a themesong.

There was actually a picture of Tang Yan in the recording studio, but I decided to use this still from "Pandamen" instead because she looks so kick-ass in it

As for movies and drama…everyone is on their own for this month because 1) I’ve stopped watching the lengthy, time-consuming medium of drama and 2) there are too many movies for me to keep up with, and the big upcoming blockbusters are posted on other sites.

I’d really like to do an overall post on Chinese cinema and how much it’s changed in just one year, along with a “holiday movie guide” but  those are time consuming posts, and I have no time. Maybe during winter break? Right now it’s hard enough for us just keep  up with the  Chinese music companies’ “let’s release all at once” idiocy. *Sigh* The companies will probably learn to avoid releasing together and avoiding competition soon, but right now, they haven’t.

20 thoughts on “More Music News and Announcements

  1. I had a brief question: do you know exactly what’s going on with A-ONE’s new album? According to their site, it’s out, and I’m not sure if it was ever an actual album, or if they just released everything as singles. I can’t find any information in Chinese.

    (by the way, addressing the conversation about dialects. Firstly, I’m almost 100% sure anyone remotely famous in China knows Mandarin, and secondly, Dongbei is barely a dialect. Seriously. If you understand Mandarin, you pretty much understand Dongbei.)

  2. It’s not so much regionalism for me, as it is thinking matching couples is really cute. Like if they share a common feature, like being from the same school, region, profession, I think them hooking up is cute.

    I didn’t know there was so many Haoming/Zheng Shuang shippers. Zheng Shuang’s also a Dongbei-er like Han Geng.

  3. @michelle
    but Xiaoshuang can’t speak Cantonese and Haoming can’t speak Dongbeinese. T_T I don’t know about zheng Shuang, but Haoming loves his Cantonese.

    ….I just realized how much of a regionalist I am….

    you know what would be an interesting pair? Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang…they’re both from Dongbei! Except Jing Boran’s originally from Shandong. So is Zhang Han. Maybe their (great)grandparents even Chuang Guandong’ed together…

    OMG! I just realized the Han Geng – Zheng Shuang connection! They’re the only pure Dongbeinese in the group. The world just made sense.

  4. D: just saw this! yay for BOBO and A-ONE!

    i’m more of a haoming/xiaoshuang shipper myself so all this stuff with lxj… T-T

  5. @L – some days ago…they were cute on it. But it’s not been aired yet. I don’t know when it will be, but hopefully it coincides with their album release

    And I think both Xijun and Haoming were tired and sleepy for this. But at least Xijun doesn’t look as bad as Haoming in the pic – he looks like he has Bell’s Palsy – no offense to anyone who has that, because usually it doesn’t even look that bad. Xijun mustbe a force to be reckoned with using a megaphone.

  6. i think LXJ looks like shes sleeping all the time but she does look cute with YHM xD and BOBO recently went on happy basecamp?? really?? when did they go on?

  7. ^^ yeah i was thinking SHE, the girl group lol

    ahh i see, yeah really wonder why she is there then? i don’t know i think for me im kinda shipping haoming and xiaoshuang because i watch Meteor Shower first before the collaboration between LXJ and haoming if i have watch them first then i might have ship the other way around, but maybe someday i will…

    @idarklight – i guess it really out of our control on how eemedia works…but i don’t mind since i’m a haoming fan :P

  8. @Nancy
    Zheng Shuang couldn’t go because of Visa problems (or was it sickness?)

    We are not really told why she’s there….but if he’s filming two MV’s for two of his songs, I think I will weep for Zhang Jie.

    I’m personally hoping for a non-refilming of “I’m not hot” and instead for a duet/MV of Liu Xijun and Yu Haoming. That’ll be so cute.

  9. ^ got confused thought a read an article back then saying that zheng shuang with film an MV with haoming?! what mv is that for, is it for his cantonese HUG?

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