Lu Hu Composes for Top Combine’s 1st Album

TC: Thanks Lu Hu...sorry you haven't gotten your own album yet. It's not our fault...we Love you dearly though. Ma Xueyang: Hey I composed a hit song for these guys too, don't look at me

Tian Yu/eeMedia really hit the jackpot when they signed on Superboy Lu Hu. Despite not having the best voice, he  so far has composed hits for his fellow  Wei Chen, Jiang Yingrong, and Zhang Jie, and has induced many members of the eeMedia family to also begin composing. Now for Top Combine’s comeback, he wrote their first single, “Qi Tian Da Cheng”, which alludes to the most internationally recognized  of China’s Four Classics Journey to the West, and the “Monkey King” choreography reflects that theme. In addition traditional Chinese instruments were used, such as the pipa.

Top Combine ‘s 1st Live Performance of new song “Qi Tian Da Cheng”

Lyrics below, and the original Journey to the West themesong for nostalgic reasons.

Top Combine’s Live of Cotton Candy at the same event

Since it’s not time for them to release, Top Combine’s been doing a lots of low profile events, including this one. But like last year when they debuted, and when “Cotton Candy” became a nationwide hit,  they will probably be everywhere again soon.

Lyrics to Qi Tian Da Cheng




茂:Yeah Yeah Yeah top top combine

哇 大家都在哦


You ready?

至上励合 come back


血脉翻涌 坐如钟

谁来争锋 行如风

气破长空 谁算是英雄


分秒之中 去无踪

拿捏轻重 转时空

几度秋冬 忆匆匆


乱了时空 在心中

画面朦胧 那天空

一道彩虹 紧握在手中


每人的梦 心相通

开始触碰 被感动

划过额头 的微风

雪:充满梦的天空 吹散冰冻的风

雪:说太多也不懂 要怎么去形容

雪:不想要太平庸 做沉默的观众

合:人群之中 甩掉惶恐 各显神通

合:翻江倒海 世界由我主宰

张:不用多余的交代 就要比你拽

合:无所不在 梦想与生俱来

张:就是要齐天大盛 永远的王牌

合:不管成败 在你眼前盛开

五:驱散心底的阴霾 散发出光彩

合:别再发呆 不需要开场白

五:就是要齐天大盛 永远的王牌









太嚣张的神态 请不要见怪

刘:充满梦的天空 吹散冰冻的风

刘:说太多也不懂 要怎么去形容

刘:不想要太平庸 做沉默的观众

刘:人群之中 甩掉惶恐 各显神通

合:翻江倒海 世界由我主宰

张:不用多余的交代 就要比你拽

合:无所不在 梦想与生俱来

张:就是要齐天大盛 永远的王牌

合:不管成败 在你眼前盛开

五:驱散心底的阴霾 散发出光彩

合:别再发呆 不需要开场白

五:就是要齐天大盛 永远的王牌

The Original Themesong that it sampled 2 seconds from and brought back a flood of memories. This was my jam back when I was like 2 years old. Not kidding…I would sing it all the time or something. I’m automatically predisposed to love the new TC song.

17 thoughts on “Lu Hu Composes for Top Combine’s 1st Album

  1. Cannot wait for Top Combine’s album any longer! Just listened to 齐天大盛 & 繁星 on youtube both are so different but both are sooo amazing! I wish they had waited a few weeks cause now I’m cyber stalking them instead of studying for my finals. Also, Zhang Jie’s EP was pretty good, 勿忘心安 is my fave. Didn’t get a chance to listen to the new full length album yet, but I bet it’s pretty good as well.

  2. omg.. I was staring at the title picture forever, trying to figure out if Liu Zoucheng was touching himself like a girl but it just turned out to be Li Mao’s arm in a different colored sleeve. Boyband fashion…. figures. I see that they’ve also ditched the spikey do’s in favor of the bowl-cut?

  3. yay they’re finally back. i used to be sooo obsessed about Qi tian da sheng. i have the cartoon collection and the live actions ones ( i have 2 versions too, the old mainland one and another hk version). this bring back memories.. :)

  4. You’re right…I guess shy and quiet wasn’t the right phrase. But he never really seemed to really need the spotlight from the vids I saw, like he was happy if the other guys got more screentime.

    Pretty thing was a joke. -_-‘ It’s late.

  5. You can definitely learn to be pretty…look at Laure Shang. She’s so elegantly beautiful now, whereas she used to be rather plain looking.

    And I agree with L, Lu Hu isn’t shy nor quite. He’s just very quirky and talented.

  6. so the video thats on this post is just them singing cotton candy? there isnt the new song yet?? nd sorry i cant watch the video since my audio is broken, but i cant waitt until their new songss!! nd Lu Hu is awesomee he diesnt seem shy and quiet that muchh but i loved him in Meteor Shower

  7. As Liu Zhoucheng would say…you can’t learn to be pretty, you’re just born with it.

    I don’t think Lu Hu really cares about being on the stage as much as the composing. He’s kind of shy and quiet. Producing albums means a lot of performing, promos etc. It’s not always fun and can be quite tiring.

  8. On the other hand, I’m glad that Lu Hu is the one composing and not spending a year and more to learn to dance and be pretty.

    …still impressed by TC’s improvement…

  9. My parents said I would scare strangers by randomly singing it as a child. But could only sing like one jumbled line…being a toddler. But still.

  10. That was my jam up until I was like 10…

    I still have a poster of the Monkey King in the room. XD

    Impressed by TC’s much improved live singing/dancing skills.

    I love Lu Hu so much.

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