Li Guangjie Photoshoot for “GQ China”

I knew I could count on GQ China! It went into its second issue by ditching the usual  actors, instead opting for director Jiang Wen on its cover (nice pictures but there’s only 3) . His next project is the all-star, testosterone filled  Let Bullets Fly.

GQ also did this photoshoot with Li Guangjie who has been getting more and more attention in China after doing few well-received roles ranging from military officials to doctors, and winning many “best actor” awards. He was also recently chosen by South Korea’s tourism board to do a commercial with Gao Yuanyuan,  aimed at the Chinese market. Next he’ll be seen with rising actress Wang Luodan for “idol series”  Du Lala’s Promotion, which  just started production.

The photoshoot is supposed to convey a carefree “on-the-road” romance. Anyone recognize who the female model is? She’s gorgeous, and must be really tall since Li Guangjie is 1.83 m.


4 thoughts on “Li Guangjie Photoshoot for “GQ China”

  1. I actually think I read somewhere this was Bonnie and Clyde inspired, but when I went back to the source at Sina, the blurb didn’t have that, so I didn’t put it.

    China does have some familiarity with American classic films, so it might be?

    Btw – dissapointed no one knows the model’s name. She reminds me so much of this other famous American model that hit her peak a while ago and doesn’t model much anymore, but that I loved. Used to know her name, then forgot.

  2. Looks like it could be Bonnie&Clyde inspired. Even though I doubt to its influence, it could potentially be a backdrop for the story if I ever needed pics to illustrate them.

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