December Jammed With Releases From The Male Side of Cpop


Kimi in the MV for Window of Dreams on his upcoming album

Releases from mainland female Chinese artists were spread out throughout this year, but a considerable portion of the male side seem to have waited until the last minute to release, causing an massive pileup of both albums from the soloists to the boybands, ranging from pop to grunge. Despite the spectrum in musical styles, this still can’t be good for the artists, nor the companies  involved which I listed alongside the artists, and as you can see, there’s a lot.

Late November

Yu Haoming – eeMedia
KeNT – ? (EP)

December Releases:

Jacky Xue Zhiqian – Universal/SMG
Anson Hu Yanbin- Gold Typhoon
Kimi Qiao Renliang – Chengtian (Orange Sky Entertainment)
Chen Kun – ?
Peng Tan (four new songs/acoustic album)- Tai Rye Music
Xie Tian Xiao – Thirteen Month Records
Li Jian – ?
Sha Baoliang –

Top Combine – eeMedia

And that’s only the ones I know of. I’m listing this because I may not have time to write about it later on, since my December is all about  exams and large assignments, but if the albums are good, I’ll try. Most exciting for me was the news Xie Tian Xiao was releasing. He’s absolutely my favorite Chinese rocker, and his album is going to be Chinese-reggae styled.  A-One, who has already released four songs from their upcoming album and is on a massively tight budget should probably not release around this time at all, but it seems to be heading that way.

What’s the album you’re most looking forward to?

Also, while you’re waiting for the guys, I’d like to note singer-songwriter Cao Fang just released her album. She’s completely independent now, so if you like it, be a patron of the arts and buy it.


19 thoughts on “December Jammed With Releases From The Male Side of Cpop

  1. I actually never preordered, come to think of it. I always searched a bit when there was an album I wanted, waited, and then seemingly it would pop up later. I don’t think BOBO showed up until after their release, and tbh…when I tried to purchase there’s, it was out of stock and Yesasia gave up searching for it. I ended up getting it the relative going to China method.

    All three of Hou Xian’s I got later from Yesasia, a long, long time after they had been on sale in China and I had no trouble getting his stuff. I think he was an example of good music getting spread through word of mouth. I think that his third was kinda available for preorder (like a few days in advnace) but I ended up getting it in China so I’m not sure.

    I think for Yu Haoming’s you’ll probably have to wait until it releases to find it on Yesasia. Hopefully mainland albums become more available in the future; it’s already gotten better – I’m still sometimes in the mode where I assume the albums won’t be listed there but they surprise me.

  2. @Suzy – thanks for all the info =]

    @cfensi – the stuff u got of wang yuexin that was listed on yesasia, do they get listed early for like pre-order or it take a while to be listed at yesasia?

  3. Lol…I was going to ask you about that after my tests were all done. I remember you saying something about that in one of your posts, but wasn’t sure how it worked now.

    I usually go through yesasia (2 out of 3 wang yuexin CDs were purchased there!) or ask my relatives in China to buy them for me because I figured if I couldn’t checkout of amazon, then I would be a failure at any other sites.
    I wanted to do a tutorial for when I first started this site and then just gave up, so thanks, that saves me some trouble.

    I’ll still try to get something up on how to buy Chinese CDs when I have the time though. With your help…maybe?

  4. @cfensi – I scrapped my tutorial when they stopped accepting foreign credit cards. They ony accept domestic (Chinese) credit cards now.

    @nancy – used to accept paypal but not anymore. They do accept foreign credit cards but they don’t ship via air so it usually takes about 2 months to receive an order. But everything I’ve ordered (save one cd) has arrived fine… eventually. Orders placed with a foreign/international credit card have to go thru an additional verification process. So after you place your order, dangdang will email you asking you to verify the first & last 4 digits of your credit card before they process your order. But you’re right, even with shipping from China, it’s sooo much cheaper to order there than from yesasia. If only they offered airmail.

  5. I’m looking forward to xue zhiqian’s :))) i started listening to him because of this site, so thanks!

  6. @cfensi – i will be really grateful if u can do that when u have free time :D, yeah i did bought like some stuff there just that yesasia haven’t listed his album for sale so i just want to purchase it off at and somehow it’s cheaper to buy on (w/ shipping as well) compare to yesasia

  7. Come to think of it…it’s not that there weren’t a lot of male releases throughout the year…

    There was Li Yifeng, all the Hua Yi guys that aren’t BOBO – Yang Kun, Yu Quan and Cong Haonan, and Wang Xiaokun. Lots really.

    But they just weren’t releases I was terribly excited about.

    Well, I was kinda excited for Wang Xiaokun’s MV…but then that gave me a heartattack after realizing what happened at the end.

    Whereas I think I’m excited about all of these guys.

  8. @L – Yeah, Kimi was in the movie 夜店 aka Ye Dian aka One Night in Supermarket. It has been out and was a moderate Box Office success. You can watch the movie at urasiansourcecpop2, and you should because it was very funny.

    I uh…should make a tutorial for Let me try during winter break.

    Most of these artists should be listed at yesasia. Especially any eeMedia artists like Yu Haoming. Even the Shining Red Star album is listed there, and you can buy them in an assortment of versions, the Yu Haoming version, the Wei Chen version, the Top Combine version, etc. The Super Girls CD is also in different versions, for all 10 girls.

    Xie Tian Xiao’s should be listed there too. ;) Thirteen Month Records seems to be on top of reccing their stuff to Yesasia.

  9. does anyone know where I can order haoming’a album online with payment method as paypal or credit card, i try to purchase chinese albums at but keep running into the problem that it won’t let me use my CC and usually not all mainland artists albums get listed on yesasia(where i usually buy my stuff)

  10. i can’t wait for Top Combine’s new songs!! I heard they were like the number one band in china or somthing but they have like only 5/6 songs after about a year so i cant wait for what they have coming out. HIT-5 and A-One i cant wait for their songs either and isnt Kimi in that show…夜店? Did it air yet or not yet?

  11. Oh once you get past the stoned expressions and the “haven’t bathed in days” look, he’s quite fangirly worthy. I actually screamed when I heard the news. Not that I don’t like the rest, but his release was so unexpected. So excited now!

    I’m going broke seriously. I’m going to buy them all except probably Yu Haoming’s and HIT-5. The rest I’m pretty confident will be great.

  12. Woot! Xie Tian Xiao!!! XTX!!! *faints* Bahaha, I’ve never heard anyone fangirl over XTX so I have to do it myself ;p

    I’m looking forward to Jacky’s release too. :)

    Ah, life has been interfering with my music obsession lately. This post made me happy.

    XTX!! new album! *counts the minutes* (haha I don’t even know how to fangirl lol… someone show me how it’s done)

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