Stars Pay Tribute at Chen Lin’s Memorial Service


Yang Kun again dueting "Two People's World" with Chen Lin at the memorial

I had never heard of Chen Lin, but that’s my own ignorance and loss. She was clearly loved and well known by those in the Chinese music industry and the memorial for her was extremely touching. Those who attended included Yang Kun, Han Hong, Na Ying, Sha Baoliang, Li Quan, Zhang Yadong, two fellow Sichuan singers – Jane Zhang and Tan Weiwei, and many many others. Everyone sang for her.

Jane Zhang singing  at the memorial, Chen Lin’s song – Hold Me Tight, Don’t Leave

She had such good songs…how did I not know of her? Credits to Janefever@TY, who has the lyrics in the description box

Jane’s is the only one I found at youtube and I don’t know how to upload Sina/Sohu vids.

The Sina vids are viewable here, and their main page for Chen Lin is here. The Sohu ones are here , and their main page for Chen Lin is here. The original MV for the duet with Yang Kun is below the cut.

Chen Lin and Yang Kun – Two People’s World MV

3 thoughts on “Stars Pay Tribute at Chen Lin’s Memorial Service

  1. @everspring

    I don’t think it’s ever wrong to pay tribute to an artist that you admire.
    I’m sure many of the celebs in attendance did do it for publicity, but there are surely also those who were friends with Chen Lin and who loved her her music dearly. It’s not fair to lump everyone together.

  2. It’s ridiculous to hold such memorial. If Chen Lin really had a good friends to talk to, she would not have been suffering from depression and committed suicide . This was merely a way to make profit and do some publicity. I believe some celebrities, who claim to be her friends, were being sad for her at the memorial service, but hours later they were gathering at a afterparty, drinking and cheering in a wild way. They were all seen by the reporter. I feel so shamed of them. And actually many ppl in this industry are corrupted, completely.

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