Xue Zhiqian Release Dance Track From Fourth Album


Xue Zhiqian composes almost all the songs on his albums, including his hits singles. But why not all? Because while he likes dance, his compositional forte are pretty ballads, and  so he leaves the one or two fast-tempo tracks for others to make. But this time he co-composed one track from his upcoming album along with two others. It could be better, but it’s at least as good as the lackluster Let U Go from his third album, so there is no downside to his trying to diversify and learn how to compose them. If it’s not your thing, you can listen to his ballad  Unfinished Song, the first single from his upcoming fourth album.

Xue Zhiqian – My Athena

Performance and lyrics below the cut.

Thanks to urasiansourcecpop for the uploads.



作词:薛之谦 高阳 罗开元

作曲:薛之谦 高阳 罗开元

你在逃避 我的眼睛

我拥有摧毁 一切的权利

为何占领 我的王国



雅典娜 闭上你的眼睛交出你叛逆的心

雅典娜 我以神的名义赐给你爱我的心

你只能爱我 这不是传说 你无法逃脱

我愿意 为你化身为魔 从新来过

I’m going to take the fact that he chose Athena over Venus or any other gods as a sign that he likes smart women. Albeit asexual smart women.

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