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One of my favorite Taiwanese indie bands 1976 released  their new album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” today. I haven’t listened to it yet, but considering I’m usually the late one on the block with indie news I thought I would seize the moment, in keeping with their theme of, in this fast-paced world of today, emphasizing the moments as we travel through time  rather than trying to reach a particular destination .  You can listen to the 10 tracks from the album here. Buy it at yesasia here.

1976 – 流浪者之路 MV (Their main plug )

More release and concert news below on Milk@Coffee, SuperVC etc.

Female fronted bands and female indie soloists also released songs. Milk@Coffee released a new song, Accustomed to the Loneliness. Cao Fang who said she would release last summer (liar) and Fei Yu Men released songs as well which you can hear at in high quality. If Tian Yuan could only release the album she promised would be out this past summer, I’d be set.

Milk@Coffee – Accustomed to the Loneliness

And in more interesting concert related news…

SuperVC recently went to Australia for the One Movement Music Festival. For more pictures of them, and the bassist being a camwhore and a pimp, click here.


SuperVC with British band Melodramas

Modern Sky band Life Journey is going on Yi Hu Bai Ying, the popular Hunan show where artists have to get a certain number of people to attend their concert.  While I’ve seen tons of great indie artists show up on Jie Jie Gao Sheng, including Cotton Candy (whose enjoying lots of popularity from that based on search engine stats in China) and Fei Yu Men, this is one of the first times I’ve seen one get to do Yi Hu Bai Ying. More on this later.

And Xia Yan, the cutest most talented guitarist you’ll ever see (a hyperbolic statement, but only mildly so), has apparently joined the truncated version of The Flowers, at least temporarily for their upcoming show in Beijing. This is extremely exciting because Xia Yan is very very talented, but has never really gotten anywhere in  China, even in comparison to the other Chinese indie artists. Hopes this boosts his visibility.


5 thoughts on “Chinese Indie Releases and News

  1. Oh good news all around. Zhen Yang IS such a “camwhore” haha.. very entertaining!

    I’m really looking forward to Life Journey’s next release after hearing some new songs at the Modern Sky Music Festival. I think they can make it big time.

  2. cfensi, idarklight: Have you heard of a singer named si qin gao li? I’m like obsessed with her songs. Especially “Fan Cuo”

  3. seems like superVC has been doing alot of traveling abroad lately. US aids tour and now tour in austrailia.

  4. The Life Journey met the goal of 3000 fans on Yi Hu Bai Ying. I’m so happy for them that I spent most of last night spazzing to friends who had no idea who they were. It’s airing next Friday, I believe? Incidentally, their Douban group seems rather unhappy with the background music of Liverpool being given to Tan Wei Wei… I suppose it’s understandable. Perhaps the deal was the song in exchange for Hunan TV promotions?

    Really, really happy to hear that about Xia Yan – he deserves to get more noticed. However, I wouldn’t say that he’s quite that unknown. For a guitarist who hadn’t sung vocals until recently and who hasn’t been in a highly popular band, he’s pretty well known for his skills as a shredder. I mean, he’s shredded with Marty Friedman… Unknowns don’t get to do that.

    I was going to say something about SuperVC, but the bright pink pants made me forget. I think it was to ask whether you have any idea how they’re doing in China. They don’t seem to have blown up any since Zhang Yadong took them under his wing, but maybe I’m just missing the news.

    Oh, Milk@Coffee… I like their music, but I usually can’t stand the vocals, and this song isn’t an exception.

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