Zhang Jie Releases Album and Performs on Hunan TV’s “Trend Night”


Zhang Jie released his album two days ago with friend, but much less active singer, Wang Yuexin helping by giving him traditional Chinese winter snack, Bing TangHulu to eat. Zhang Jie sang  his second track live,   a day later at Hunan TV’s “Trend Night”, paired with sand drawing. Both his voice and the art were beautiful.

Jason Zhang Jie – Chuan Yue Ren Hai +  Unknown Artist doing Sand Art

Trendy Night was hosted by Xie Na and Wang Han, and included stars like JJ Lin, Wang Leehom, Gigi Leung, Chris Lee, A Duo, Pace Wu, Vivian Hsu, and  the Supergirls 2009 top 3. There’s not much on youtube  of it to make a full post, but if you want to watch performances, you can go here. The Zhang Jie one was definitely one of my favorites though.

And just because it’s  Wang Yuexin, another pic from the press conference.


9 thoughts on “Zhang Jie Releases Album and Performs on Hunan TV’s “Trend Night”

  1. Am I the only one who didn’t like that MV? (mainly the girl…she wasn’t very pretty and her voice wasn’t very good)

    On Tuesday noon-ish, Jiang Yingrong and Yu Kewei got in a car accident while on their way to the airport. Neither were injured too seriously, though…but Jiang Yingrong has had so many injuries recently that it’s scary.

  2. Ah, I saw that first one (you must have seen my uber spazzy comment on it…he looked hot in his little waiter uniform) but I haven’t seen the second one in full, so thank you. That one has quite a few people I love. I was disappointed with the Frogs last album though.

    @idarklight – I don’t understand…what’s the twitter doing? It’s going off on its own.

  3. @curious
    I thought the sand drawing was very unique and refreshing, or perhaps I just personally haven’t seen it done before, but it was such a beautiful backdrop. It’s what made me want to post this. Otherwise, I think most people knew he released an album (thanks to our lovely twitter thing) and it’d be repetitive.

    I think the guy is a professional sand artist who pushes it around for a living? Perhaps? But it’s so cool.

    Poor Jiang Yingrong. How many times has she injured herself already? I fear for her future.

  4. i like this song much better than the moon climbing up one. awesome picture, how is it drawn? this is such an artistic and unique background choice (much better than the typical crowd of dancers/dance troupes that are normally present), good job hunan tv

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