Chinese Paladin 3’s Fantasy Zhu Xian minidrama/extended commercial

Does not everyone look gorgeous? Also see Yang Mi’s newest video game commercial here.

Shanghai Tangren is one of my favorite entertainment companies in mainland. Founded and headed by Cai Yinong aka Karen (yep, another female-lead entertainment company), Shanghai Tangren has been in charge of basically all the Hu Ge dramas (Chinese Paladin, Warriors of the Yang Clan, LoCH 2006, Fairy from Wonderland, etc.). It’s also the management company of Hu Ge, Liu Shishi, Yuan Hong and Yang Mi.

Although not nearly as well known as eeMedia or Huayi, smaller entertainment companies like Shanghai Tangren manage to succeed by keeping a small but loyal and talented team. Other similar companies include Taihe Rye and Orange Sky, both low-key companies that have few but significant outputs in terms of talent and product. Shanghai Tangren itself only has an output of about two to three dramas per year. Although they rarely have rumors or negative news, most of their works are very well received. They have excelled in fantasy pieces – hence the video game commercials. Companies like this manage to find a niche for themselves and keep alive to the great diversity of Chinese entertainment.

On the other hand, having such a small company greatly messes up the OTP mindset…Hu Ge with Yang Mi, Liu Shishi or Yuan Hong?

8 thoughts on “Chinese Paladin 3’s Fantasy Zhu Xian minidrama/extended commercial

  1. El video me impresiona, sobre todo sus efectos especiales, en que programa los editan? y como hacen tanto efecto especial.
    Me interesa todo lo que escribes en tu blog, lo seguire leyendo.
    Gracias por compartir.

  2. They were together in Li Shaohong’s kinda-horror film The Door before, along with Huang Jue. I always wanted to watch it but never had time to.

  3. Karen seems to only have signed with fresh newcomers, though. Hu Ge, Yuan Hong and Liu Shishi were all pulled straight out of college.

    btw. did you know that Yang Mi and Chen Kun were in the company??? Collaboration!

  4. I watched a bit of Young Warriors. She was very cute.

    Yang Mi would be fresh blood too. Can they get her somehow? Ah well…distance makes the heart grow fonder. They can always get together for company vacations.

  5. linked

    Rumors say that Guo Xiaoting (16, I believe?) aka the potato fairy in CP3 and LiuLi here are signing with Karen, too? That should be interesting. I was kind of sad that Lin Jiayu(Young Warriors female lead) left. She was cute with Hu Ge, too. Guo Xiaoting would provide fresh blood. XD She was super adorable in CP3.

  6. you should link to the Egypt post…that’s like my post of the proof of how Tangren is such an wonderful loving family of a company.

    Karen is awesome…she’s like my favorite female Chinese entertainment CEO now, I think. Depends on what happens with Long Danni.

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