Return of the Golden Age Singers?


After Chen Lin’s death, there was a general sense of loss amongst the mainland community over the “Golden Age” singers, the singers from the 90s. However Na Ying,   after a 7-year break suddenly released her new single, called Love’s Journey which she first revealed at the 2009  Mid-Autumn show and will be one of the big  draws of her upcoming New Years concert. Na Ying, also Faye Wong’s best friend, is one of China’s most famous artists and perhaps the symbol of the “Golden Age” singers. Her return was a very welcome, comforting thing for many.

This is not from the same era, but Age of Water and Wood have been  going strong early 2000s despite some member changes, and used their success to help other singer-songwriters like Wang Zheng emerge. And this new song and beautiful MV are so befitting for this time, post-Chen Lin’s suicide.

Age of Water and Wood  –  The Meaning of Life MV

There seems to be a lot of music releases converged in the next few months whether they be the younger soloists, newer indie artists, or the boybands. But with how warmly Han Hong’s return was welcomed along with the excitement over Na Ying’s comeback it’s nice to know that the Golden Age singers are welcomed whenever they feel like returning.

10 thoughts on “Return of the Golden Age Singers?

  1. The girl in the video of The Meaning of Life by Shui Mu Nian Hua’s is Luo Zilin, here is her video:

  2. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it wasn’t always the same two people. The current two members (the Tsinghua grads) were fixed pretty early on though, so it seems like it’s always been them.

  3. Age of Water and Wood – member changes? isn’t it the group of two Tsinghua grad band right… so one member left?

  4. Idk but the guy chasing after his girlfriend reminds me a lot of Jerry Yan and Kat-tun’s Junnosuke, more effeminate in features than Jerry Yan, but much more masculine than Junnosuke. I swear there’s a doppleganger for everyone in China. First Oguri Shun, then Junnosuke, who’s next?

    Their songs are so nice and comforting but the song juxtaposed with Chen Lin’s death really made me sad. She seemed to have a loving family. I just…suicide is so drastic.

    I’m kinda hoping Na Ying will induce Faye to come back. Please comeback Faye!!!!! I miss your voice. I wouldn’t mind if Faye came back when she was 102 years old. I’d still be just as excited.

  5. Na Ying’s amazing as usual…

    I kinda wish Faye would come back, too… her voice is great and her presence links a lot of people from different backgrounds and age together.

  6. The girl at 2:53 of the MV…was she in My Youth?

    I remember having Shui Mu Nian Hua’s “perfect world” stuck in my head for days after they sung it on the Spring Festival Gala. They have beautiful lyrics.

  7. Lol…I linked to it actually. But I can edit your comment to make it appear as a video. I just thought the Age of Water and Wood MV was so pretty to not put above the cut.

  8. I have a video of Love’s Journey by Na Ying live @ CCTV. Here is the link: [youtube=]

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