Singer Chen Lin Falls to Her Death

Yesterday this was all over all the news portals.  Pop singer Chen Lin, 39, known for hits in the 90s, apparently leaped from an apartment in Beijing to her death. The singer from Chongqing, Sichuan rose to fame in the early 90s with her hit album, “I Can Never Understand Your Love” that sold 1.5 million copies. The reasons are unclear and she had only remarried earlier this year . I’ve never heard of  her, but all the same  the suicide is shocking and saddening. And it was almost a year ago, that the suicide of Li Chunning, One Million Star contestant occurred. Seeing how people can struggle against the feeling of having no other alternatives at different places in their life, both  the inexperienced and experienced stages,  is incredibly humbling and sad, and something that I hope that others would not have to face, and if they do I fervently hope they would choose another path. RIP Chen Lin.

Chen Lin – Ai Le Jiu Ai Le


5 thoughts on “Singer Chen Lin Falls to Her Death

  1. I love her music, and I am from America. I didn’t know about her until after her death but my iPod now has about 70 songs of hers. She made beautiful music.

  2. I’m not sure if it was because she felt pressured as a celebrity or if it was just the sort of pressure that any person could face. From the many articles and videos I watched they don’t give answers, but it was probably a myriad of reasons.

    When I learned about Li Chunning’s death last year, I attributed to young love, the sort of thing you see played out since young, because you’re told of Romeo and Juliet and other rashness that seem associated with youth. And despite being closer to her age, I distanced myself from it, precisely because I am young, happy, and have all the confidence in the world. I felt sorry for her, but I could not see myself in her shoes.

    This suicide makes me sort of reevaluate – because how this could happen to someone who has had great success and marriage and lots of life experience? The feeling of helplessness seems to be able to occur at any point, and I feel like we shouldn’t distance ourselves from it because they’re celebrities or because we’re happy at this point in time. People should learn from it – that stress occurs; life is full of stress, life is full of things that don’t go according to plan. And we’re not, as humans with survival instinct, really built to just give in to that.

    The jumping off a building really reminds one of Leslie Cheung and to think what a person must have to feel to make that kind of decision to leap seems incredibly disheartening.

    I called my parents and they had no clue who she was. We left China before she got famous and I was like a toddler. I have a lot of biases myself towards Cpop and forget (or rather, just didn’t know) that there were a really lot of good mainland Cpop singer-songwriters like Ding Dang back in the 90s too with very good songs. I hope they don’t get forgotten as time goes on.

  3. My parents know who she is and were genuinely surprised that she committed suicide. Although i also don’t know who she is I hope she can rest peacefully now.

    I think being a celebrity is one of the most stressful jobs. Not at all the comfy job everyone always seems to think cuz they never have time to enjoy the good things about being a celebrity.

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