Yu Haoming Sings in Cantonese


Yu Haoming recently released a single with one Cantonese song. I wavered on whether or not to post this; the song was pretty, but average. However I really liked the fact that he sang in Cantonese because he’s from Guangdong (Canton) province. While I get headaches when I know homogeneity would be the quickest route to accomplishing anything, I know also at the same time how the diversity in China is such a unique and beautiful thing, and I hope that all singers could be able to sing in their dialect/regional language at least partially on any albums they produce.

Yu Haoming – Hug (Cantonese version)

Perhaps not full albums, because the music industry right now is hard enough to make money in and the biggest possible market is the best way to induce a variety of new talent to arise, as well as quality in music. But it’d be nice like this to have one or two or maybe even half of the songs  represent their own daily speech. And frankly since Guangdong province would rank 12th in population, if compared to the other countries of the world, it’s not like they can’t afford to cater to a bit. I would also love to hear any one of the  many, talented, Sichuan singers sing in lovely Sichuanese as well since that province would rank as 14th most populated country in the world, were it a country (80 million – for reference, that’s about twice the population of South Korea). And neither of those provinces are poor. So hoping that this becomes something of a trend, although it may simply be wishful thinking.

Plus if the Yu Haoming/Li Xijun thing works out, they could sing duets in Cantonese instead of Mandarin and it would be the cutest thing ever!

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  1. they are sure that they are making a second season of meteor shower?? and they rent gonna replace zheng shuang are they? because she was awesome, and idont think li xi jun would fit the part of chu yu xun.

  2. His voice is so sweet in Cantonese, I like it. Yeah, I agree that singers should at least sing one or two or even half of the songs on their albums in their native/regional dialect. I would like to hear Li Xi Jun sing in Hakka since I am one myself. Haha, it would be so cool to hear a Cantonese duet song from Haoming and XiJun.

  3. *coughs* Meteor Shower

    They first hired the director of the idol drama Outsiders, who has this stylist that’s been with him forever and had to be hired if they wanted the director. That stylist thought the ugly hair in MS would be a good idea, and frankly, I don’t think he cared if Haoming looked ugly or not.

    Mid-way through, the director left, taking the stylist. Because this is filmed in continuity, the new director couldn’t change the hair.

    I think that’s the gist of it.

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