Deng Chao Sings the HSDS 2009 Themesong


Deng Chao never fails to impress, and now in addition to his acting, I’m quite enjoying his singing, especially since I know he does good lives too. His series, the Zhang Jizhong-directed Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre, has suddenly begun airing in China without any press and indeed it seems to be a bit rushed through post-production. But it’s the first wuxia series that I’ve gotten into because Deng Chao is  just that good of an actor. And he’s no Jane Zhang (who sadly, only gets crappy themesongs now that she’s no longer with Hua Yi), but I think he makes the themesong quite nice to listen to.

Opening Song of HSDS, sung by Deng Chao

You can watch all aired  episodes  here. I’d skip 1-10 because the quality actors (Deng Chao and Ady An) don’t appear until after that. All four of Zhang Wuji’s loves seem to be decently acted too, so if you’re like me, and you don’t want to feel ashamed anymore for not knowing what the hell Jing Yong writes about, give it a go.

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  1. @ idarklight:

    Lol, well, if only the action scenes are necessary to attract male viewers, then I have no complaints — I just wish it was shot more personally instead of on a grand scale. Take HK dramas, which have a very limited budget and small scenery locations, for example. They shoot fighting scenes very well with very little CG effects and more hands-to-combat action. Those appeal to me more than these grand scale CG enhanced unrealistic sequences ever could.

    And well, I guess you could make a point about how Jin Yong is great at portraying human emotions. I agree too, which is why it angers me even more that scenery and cinematography takes more importance in the dramas than the actual acting/script/emotions.

    @ cfensi:

    I never considered the scenery as a product. Lol, “I really should have majored in something remotely similar to business…I don’t understand why I think of the economics all the time.” You’re very holistic in your thinking in that sense. However, if the scenery is detracting audience members instead of attracting them, I doubt to its effectiveness as an economic resource. But I do give credit to the director for being environmentally friendly, something China should always keep in mind about.

    But like idarklight said, “I feel like the promotion of everything else should be done only when it does not harm the product itself…Similarly, the focus on scenery should be done only in need.”

    And thus explains my grievances against the filming of these novels by this particular director.

    Sometimes people try to do good things but bad things result. He tries to help the environment and the drama in turn tries to boost the economy. I can understand and I think it’s a very noble pursuance, but the main goal of this drama is to attract viewers and if these things conflict with the connection of this show, then these factors should all be secondary or dismissed.


    “On the other hand, I’m enthralled by Zhang Jizhong’s use of scenery to depict mood and beauty, especially in RoCH. There were scenes that were art pieces by themselves. I can just stare at those scenes and fall in love with the drama. But at the same time, I do think there are times I wish he focused more on costumes (here and in LoCH), actors (here) and pace (which has been too slow for many people in all but Semi Gods).

    I’m still a fan of Zhang Jizhong, though. He has a distinct way of filming series, one that is focused on slow savoring of every scene rather than on a suspense-driven action.”

    Sometimes too much luxury becomes a sin. And director Zhang Jizhong’s way of directing has become a sin. I cherish things that don’t occur often, but this slow, tortuous way of directing should only be done once in a long, long while. Sadly, however, I see it too much to enjoy it anymore.

  2. Demi Gods and Semi Devils is so darn depressing though. :( Just my two cents.

    @idarklight: I totally agree. And ahahaha if you think LOCH’s costumes were bad, look at Li Guoli’s Chinese Paladin 3…Xue Jian was cute but what the heck was Jing Tian wearing? Tye dye???
    ROCH had beautiful costumes though. Especially Xiao Long Nv (as much as a hate the character).

  3. Random thought:
    Wuxia is often said to be fairytale for adults. For me, part of the draw for wuxia is the fairytale-like story and events. And Zhang Jizhong’s cinematography adds to that magical effect.
    My chief compliant with Zhang Jizhong is the costumes, which I didn’t like in LoCH nor in this.

  4. But imo part of the product is the location itself. China’s a developing entertainment system. I like the innovation he brings, and along with it, all that capital. It may not be perfect, but it may lead to other good things. If there are indeed so many versions of Jing Yong stories, at least there’s something uniquely beneficial from these versions.

    Personally, I enjoyed the cinematography and pretty places and didn’t find it distracting, but I have nothing to compare with since I haven’t watched wuxia since I was like seven or so.

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