BOBO Behind the Scenes of an EASY photoshoot


We were going to post the pics when EASY magazine came out with their professional pics, but what’s the point when BOBO is so much cuter behind the scenes and not doing forced poses? Plus, EASY has boring photography. I gave up hope on an album for this year, considering they’re stuck in that big Hua Yi-produced, Wing Shya-directed, romance movie extravaganza, but apparently they filmed an MV (pic included below too), so hopefully, maybe.





At their fanmeet yesterday in Shenzhen:




On the set of their MV:


2 thoughts on “BOBO Behind the Scenes of an EASY photoshoot

  1. I feel like Jing Boran always finds some way to make contact with Fu Xinbo’s butt in all the gifs we find of them. If not his butt then other areas. But yeah, I totally squeed there. Two years of the exact same cuteness eh? Bring on many more. They always make me smile too.

    And wow! I did not know we could post images on comments now.

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