Confessions of a Super Girl

I miss He Jie.

Who wouldn't fall in love with those gorgeous eyes and the beautiful voice?

A love letter from 2009 Super Girl Pan Hongyue to 2005 Super Girl He Jie, via Pan Hongyue’s sina blog. He Jie was increasingly unhappy in her years at eeMedia back when Long Danni hadn’t taken over the company, and left it before her contract, which put her and eeMedia in a bad position. Happily the comapny seems to still have amicable relations with her as He Jie is to go on Jie Jie Gao Sheng to promote her new single.

In 2007, I finally attended the college (Sichuan Conservatory of Music, where both girls attended) I liked, to see the person I want to see.
Today, I begin to remember. I miss Baobao (He Jie’s nickname is Jie Baobao aka Baby Jie), I miss her very much.
I like you, but I’ve never done anything for you.
I saw you on TV. I was happy because you smiled, I was sad because you cried.
Today, I rewatched your videos, the latest ones and the old ones.
I know that the status quo is not what you want, but who can I understand you!!!!
When I see the dark bags around your eyes become heavy, my heart aches, aches so much! ! !

I hate hearing anyone saying bad things about you, because they’re all idiots!
They don’t understand you, they don’t understand your troubles. Although I’ve never met you, I know you’re not that type of person.

I trust you! I’m not very happy today, neither. Watching you returning to our school in 2007, the bravery with which you sung, I like you, not because of your voice but you yourself. There’s no f-ing reason why, I simply do!

Pan Hongyue’s MV – If you didn’t leave

I feel like if I don’t write it out now it’ll be too painful
At the time, I stood there and yelled your name in our (Guizhou) dialect. I wanted to say, “Baobao, I love you!”

In 2005, my parents and I watched you at home. Undoubtadly, that year touched me
When you left the stage, my whole family cried.
We all liked you so much, we liked your smile and your simple directness. Now, we still all like you!
Perhaps now, I can be a little closer to you, but we still haven’t met. No one understand me!
Before, in order to get into this college, no matter how hard it is I’ll still persist. When I’m unhappy, I’ll go watch your performances. Like you, I fell in love with Christina (Aguilera)!
When I’m unhappy I’ll look at your videos, and I’ll really be happy again!

The He Jie that once brought joy to everyone watching her perform

I’ve never done anything for you, but I’ve continued to like you until now, and I know I’ll continue to like you for a long, long time!

Afterwards, I saw Lady Gaga, she’s also a Capricorn. Your thoughts, are one of a kind. They’re not like your favorite Christina, or the A-mei or Coco Lee that you love so much. You are you! One of a kind! This is your stuff!!

If three weren’t so much pressure and restrictions, if so many illusions didn’t confuse you!
If there weren’t so many hardships and obstacles,
you will be very, very strong, because you have so much, so much potential.
Although both are Capricorns, different realities allow you to succeed or be ruined!!

He Jie’s newest song, sung sweetly but without her spark

Perhaps it was the 19 year old you, a bit chubby and very cute, but full of power and strength!

Hahahaha, I’m finally done, I feel so much better! This felt like a letter to you.
He Jie -jiejie, can you be strong again? Let go of all the people and things that are troubling you!
They aren’t worth your trouble! I think you can smile freely, smile loudly again!

Both Guizhou girls with powerful performances, petite figures and fierce personalities, Pan Hongyue and He Jie both had the so much potential. Both are strong singers and performers, and He Jie’s eyes just sent little packets of happiness to anyone watching her. Plus, she’s gorgeous.

11 thoughts on “Confessions of a Super Girl

  1. A bit of random information…
    After listing on the ChiNext stock exchange for the first time, the share price for ‘Huayi Bros Media’ increased by 148%, so I’m guessing a lot of people invested into it.
    Which kinda makes me wish that “I” had done that, too. Because then not only would I have had profited from it, but I’d also be able to attend annual meetings and voice my displeasure at their business dealings, too!

    *grumble grumble grumble*

  2. @curious
    I think He Jie does have a company, it’s just hidden right now.

    Pan Hongyue loves performing and music, just like He Jie once did. That, I feel, is something precious and I hope neither will ever lose it.

    My two favorite performance by her. Love is doubt shows her performing skills, and A Simple Song shows off her vocals:

  3. So He Jie is without a company now? that sucks…
    I normally don’t follow superboy/super girl until they come out with their own singles and mvs b/c I am always afraid that I would be disappoint later if they don’t become what I hope for (b/c eventually their success is based not only on their ability to sing, but also their personality and self direction and management and luck…)
    But I must say, after listening to Pan Hongyue’s new single, I am now a fan. Which company is she signed with?

  4. I wish Pan Hongyue could’ve gone back to perform at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music so she could’ve met He Jie.

    I believe so, though it’s unclear which one


    cfensi added a link to her story in the intro

  5. I just edited in the link to the post talking about her eeMedia break.

    But short story:
    She was signed when eeMedia was rather young and had a lot of artists, but not a clear idea of how to manage them, and when Long Danni was not CEO. They went with the sexy image for her. She wasn’t happy with the image, became increasingly emo and then somehow the lawyer that handled Chen Chusheng’s break got together with her and convinced her to leave eeMedia, less than a year before her contract was to expire.

    But lots of people still love her, like Jane Zhang, Liu Zhoucheng from TC, and now I guess Pan Hongyue, so she’s still quite missed by people in the industry, and hopefully she can come back, especially since it seems eeMedia doesn’t really seem as pissed at her as Chen Chusheng who did really, cost lots of money in losses.

  6. I was very surprised at how long this post was. It’s like she poured out her bottled feelings after finally being given a platform. Pan Hongyue’s very much “speak first, think later, who cares about the consequences”. I love Pan Hongyue’s youthfulness; she’s so full of energy and so full of raw all-around talent that I can’t wait to see her perform. She’s like opposite of the emo He Jie now, and trying to give some of her energy and support.

    And that’s sometimes the beauty of regionalism in China, as annoying as it other times may be. The fact that they’re both from Guizhou just gives them natural affinity to each other, and a willingness to want to help the other, protect each other. I remember Wu Diwen protecting helping Song Xiaobo before too. I always liked him for that.

    But I am going to add context and a link to your post about He Jie leaving eeMedia badly, just because I think most people don’t know or have forgotten. And then this seems like an out of the blue confession which would make this adorable but not the heart-wrenching very visceral explosion of frustration of one young girl seeing an idol she had an unexplainable love for increasingly despair and sadden over her lack of control of her life and work.

    I would love to see them meet one day.

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