Super Girls/Boys release music videos

All of eeMedia’s favorite artists except for Top Combine seem to have released MV’s at around same time – Li Yuchun, Zhang Jie/Zheng Shuang/Lu Hu and Yu Haoming.

Which MV’s your favorite?

Li Yuchun’s self-composed, self-directed Amour:

Zhang Jie ft Zheng Shuang in Lu Hu-composed Watch the moon rise

Yu Haoming’s I’m not that hot

Conclusion: Lu Hu writes the best songs, but Li Yuchun is a way cooler director. Oh, well, Yu Haoming, at least you’re hot.

40 thoughts on “Super Girls/Boys release music videos

  1. I love all your posts. I know what you guys mean about the boybands. It’s fun to read it in the beginning, but seeing practically the same exact news gets really irritating sometimes. I think you guys know that I’m in charge of urasiansourceCpop and it pisses me seeing youtubers saying Chinese music sucks but honestly their definition of Chinese music means well known artists and pretty face/no talent groups etc. It’s even sadder seeing Chinese people dissing music from their mother country.

    There was one person who commented in Elva’s MV stating that the dance is mixture of Lachata and Brown Eyed Girls Abra … (something). Most time when something actually sounds/looks nice, the immediate response is ‘Kpop influenced’. Anything good = kpop.

    I find it funny when some k-entertainments buy a song for remake, yet people don’t judge saying it’s a remake. Instead you have yourself a bunch of fangirls and fanboys defending the artists saying ‘oh it sounds way better in korean’ When chinese artists buys the right to remake a vesion, people’s immediate reactions are ‘so and so copied. he/she should be ashamed… why are ppl still purchasing this crap’. Oh the irony.

    On AF, there are 1-3 news articles on a popular group but most of them aren’t even important. I’m getting sick of seeing the well-known artists’ news constantly being covered, yet people ignores the underrated singers.

    i feel like everyone is so enrage by the entertainment industry. If it’s possible, we should run the industry instead *sigh*.

    Nobody probably cares, but for urasiansourceCpop, my original plan was to uplod high quality music videos from China, but it’s impossible because nobody bothers to post MVs from China only except those well known ones. Now, I’m stuck posting taiwanese music videos only.

    (p.s – i typed this in the dark so some sentences might sound funky)

  2. @Neph

    Oh I don’t mean people are neglecting just indie. That’s indie, it’s kind of understandable – although I’d like people to know it exists like how people know Bump of Chicken exists in the J-music circles. I’d like people to stop spending time posting or commenting on everytime anything happens to an boyband/girlband and use a little bit more of that time on just regular pop artists who make good music, which there are in China too of course. No one cares. I’m kinda hoping now that Hou Xian’s in a good company he’ll get a fansite or something, because he’s definitely getting more news articles for people to translate, and he dresses a lot nicer and has fanmeets and all sorts of goodies now.

    I adore Liu Liyang’s voice. Too bad she’s not getting much attention because she bombed in sales for her first album.

  3. I thought Yu Haoming’s MV looked more interesting than it sounded. Ditto on DoReMi. eeMedia can surely find good dance instructors themselves.

    Zhang Jie has a really clear, high voice. Sort of like Liu Liyang. I really hope both of them will use that voice to their advantage rather than suppress it like he did in all his songs so far in his upcoming album…

  4. On topic – I thought YHM’s songs were bland enough without the blah music video that looks like a rip of Rain. eeMedia should cut off ties with Doremi, I swear… Still don’t particularly like Li Yuchun, but props for a product where you can see the work she put into it.

    I must be the only one who doesn’t like Zhang Jie, LOL. The music video, though, was just bad, which is a pity, because it looks like more of an issue with budget than concept.

  5. Regarding boy band translations – meh, some of us translate boy band fluff not because we particularly like boy bands, but because no one wants to read translations about the bands we do like. By now, I’d much prefer to do translations for a good half of the artists under Modern Sky and a few under Maybe Mars, but no one would read them, which defeats the purpose.

    The thing is that boy bands are as catchy as the music they rely on. They’re fun and easy to follow; you don’t have to think to understand what they’re saying and thinking, or puzzle through the compositional nuances of the music. I’m really hoping that TC and HIT-5 will be it in China, at least for now… give the rock scene a bigger chance at breaking out.

    And there’s loads of variety in Chinese music, as far as I can tell from my recent poking around on Douban, LOL (Though there’s a bit too much of a Britpop/punk/rock influence, and too much electronica, IMO.) Baidu’s not a good place for it, ’cause that’s where a lot of the idol fangirls flock. And watching some of the lives from Hedgehog, The Life Journey, Carsick Cars, and Queen Sea Big Shark, in addition to the Modern Sky Festival (even after the mess)… I’d say there’s an appetite out there for it. It’s just that there’s not going to be as many internet-flooding fangirls for these groups, because they don’t attract the same crowds.

  6. You guys should be in the music industry LOL. You know so much. Me? I can’t really tell between a good song and a bad song…I basically just like any song that’s “memorable”. And memorable doesn’t always include catchy.
    It annoys me too how people/songs become famous just because of the company. I don’t get why fx is so popular, they aren’t exceptional at anything.

    On a side note, cfensi, I’m so jealous that you’re going to a lady gaga concert.

  7. @julie
    I waste lots of my energy on BOBO…they’re like a mirage in my mind that makes me fill warm and fuzzy when I see them together.

    and I think that there are definitely ways where admiring someone’s personalities are good. For example, I think it’s beautiful how many Li Yuchun fans turn their love and admiration for her into a motivation for themselves to be better people. But when even that personality is trained to fit the mold of simply “fun,” there’s something lacking. After so many boybands, all their personalities became merged into a big “boyband personality” where everyone is funny and nice.

    Yet they never strive for anything, and have few passions. There’s something wonderful about the human triumph; the idea of seeing people working toward a greater goal; to see people enjoy the music coming out of their mouths and to see the creations that come out of that. With boybands, I feel like so many of them lack that joy. They perform for others, so that they’ll be loved. There’s no passion, no flame, nothing that makes me go “aww, they finally did it.”

    As for the music themselves, I feel like people should do what they’re best at for the benefit of society. It frustrates me when a good song is given to an inferior singer or when a crappy song is given to a good singer. Or when a bad song is promoted more simply because of its source rather its quality.

  8. LOL, no. I’m about to buy front-row tickets to go see Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball tour which I’m incredibly excited about. I definitely don’t hate the fast tempo-songs.

    My definition of good music is anything that’s good, which ranges from any type of song. Some songs are just really average though, with a catchy beat that gets old. And sometimes, like SM, just gives one good catchy song and the rest are crap because people are too attached to the personalities of their idols and will buy it anyway. Or they’re remakes which means someone on the creative end is getting shafted.

    I’d like more variety in China’s music scene. Variety is good. My dislike occurs when Chinese people look down on the Chinese music as somehow inferior to the songs with stronger beats. It’s not. And China’s is not “outdated” because she hasn’t Americanized herself.

    And it’s true even with American music isn’t it? Beyonce’s “I am” side’s ballads was so much better than her “Sasha Fierce” side. Good music is just good music. And I’d like to see it sell because of that reason so more good music comes out.

  9. I finally understand you now, and I agree. It becomes really annoying when people talk about groups too much, I mean get a life, you don’t know them, they’ll never know/like you so why are you wasting your energy on them? There’s this girl at my school who does just that and it drives me nuts.

    I like groups, but I don’t over-obsess on their personalities (Ok, maybe I did once or twice…*ashamed* lol). I just like watching their performances and stuff, it keeps me entertained when I’m bored…er…I hope I don’t sound like a hypocrite.

    What is your definition of “good” music? I always get the impression that you dislike those Americanish fast tempo-ed songs.

  10. I don’t mind boybands/girlbands, as long as they’re in moderation. I never even minded the untalented crack that even Fahrenheit brought. They had pretty good songs, composers got paid, and HIM gets money so that they can hire other talents like the One Million Star Boys, Jade Liu, Tank, etc.

    But if there’s too much, that’s scary. People become way too attached to something other than the music. And mostly it’s not even the looks, it’s the fun personalities.

    And frankly, SM does exactly that. He basically finds someone with a fun personality, spends most of his money on training them (sometimes PS), and then packaging them with MV producers and stylists, that he’s left with no money to pay for good music. You can say they’re well-trained, better trained than Chinese artists, but that training was at the expense of the Korean composers that he doesn’t hire because he’s paying for some pre-made or rights to a remake.

    And frankly, the fact that they have so much training makes them a bit hard to compete with in the music world. It’s like, why buy album of the ugly singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice, when I can buy the albums of pretty-boys with beautiful voices and fun, kind personalities even though it’s filled with remakes? The creative world, the composers, the people who drive the music industry gets left behind.

    A couple boybands to fill a niche is fine…too many boybands, especially if they do have good voices, is just detrimental.

    Also sometimes I find it mind-boggling how much stupid news there is on AF, LJ, about the boy/girlgroups. It’s like…seriously? Do you realize what you just spent the time to translate? And people comment on it…and it’s scary to think that this is what people are reading day in and day out. How can you not turn stupid after reading about how some idol said this and that? I know entertainment is meant to relax, but it can’t all be about that. Seriously, people are turning dumber.

  11. BOBO!
    Shanghai also has Hu Ge/Yuan Hong.
    Chengdu already has Zhang Jie and Xie Na.

    personally, I dislike boybands because when they take over, companies tend to focus more on packaging – having shiny MV’s, pretty faces and dance moves rather than on quality of music.

    It’s sort of like the difference between Twilight, and the Lord of the Rings.There’s nothing inherently wrong with Twilight, but do you really want your kids to be reading shallow books?

    To me, entertainment is a tool that can be used for self-enrichment and for spreading one’s culture. Boybands can be used as neither because it obviously doesn’t help you, and they are often so devoid of culture that there’s nothing to spread.

  12. I understand, you’re busy. And you’ve dona an AMAZING job with your posts. You have no obligation to do anything people want, yet you still try to; you’re awesomeness. (You too idarklight!!!!!!!)
    So if there anything that I can do to help, let me know and I’ll try my best. (I’ve learned more chinese on baidu than I have in actual classes =P)

    Why do you dislike boybands/packaged stuff so much? Is it because it doesn’t represent real talent or something? Or do you not like the fact that its based on appearance?

  13. There is news about them. Well, not TC, but you know they’re releasing their album in December. Hou Xian’s gone blond, and he’s gotten better clothes and coverage than he ever has after joining Tian Hao. Hit-5 says they’re going for a “Jay Chou” inspired style now, so perhaps Hou Xian is actually influencing them for the better although I feel bad for MT-muzik. Xu Zhiqian’s filming his MV, soon with album release. Qiao Renliang is releasing early next month, etc.

    But I have a life, and this site is maintained with our free time. It is not our job to keep everyone up to date with everything. And yet sometimes it feels like it’s an obligation since where else are you going to get the info? No other Chinese kids who know how to read Chinese are helping to shoulder the burden. And it just seems so futile and a waste of time to post on them if people will go right back to fangirling boybands/personalities. We can not be the only people spreading news.

    And the comment was not directed toward you specifically. I see lots of people who know about everyone in Cpop, even mainland Cpop, like them, but they still spend their time in Kpop communities commenting on the most banal things because it’s mindless fun. And then they wonder why Cpop isn’t more popular. Because if people don’t use at least some of their energy to spread this stuff, it’s basically as good as not existing, just like how you don’t know what’s happening if I don’t post.

    Maybe this Kpop flood of boybands/girlbands I can’t tell apart but have such “unique” personalities is only a phase before it crushes their music scene completely, but it’s a phase I’m living in, and it’s really really annoying. Especially since I have to look at this crap even when I go to Chinese websites now because of SJM. I can’t believe they got an OPPO sponsorship (BOBO’s sponsorship!) when they’re not even in China for most of the time. If that commercial plays after Happy Camp instead of BOBO’s I’m going to have to stop watching the show or turn it off early. And the sad thing is Chinese people would rather use the energy to post SJM pics or news than the news of Chinese people that are more involved in Chinese entertainment.

    Maybe I’m pissed because I, like some others, could not read Chinese at all when I first started in Chinese entertainment, but because I was interested in my culture, went out to some Chinese website, started clicking around, using context clues. You don’t need to be literate to get started. Just go to Sina, or Sohu, and stare at it. You’ll learn Chinese.

    As for YHM/Li Xijun they really are our best hope for a Superboy/girl couple. I want a couple from all the big cities:

    Beijing: Yang Mi/Liu Shishi
    Shanghai: Kimi/Tang Yan (they twitter at each other on Sina’s twitter’s so cute!)
    Guangzhou: Yu Haoming/Liu Xijun
    Shandong (kinda): BOBO

  14. I don’t really want to see “packaged” music, I just want to see the singers/groups I like be in more activities and stuff. I haven’t heard much about the people I like (TC, Jane, Super Girls, Hou Xian), there’s no recent news about them. (Or maybe there is, but I idn’t know =P)

    @idarklight: By “big” I mean new dramas, new albums (Laure Shang’s was great, but notice my “s” in albums……..oh yea, I’m sick of EPs), I’m not too interested about the economics.

    Lol, sorry for me using the broad word “big”

    @Cfensi: OMG, those pictures were cute

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