Chinese Actors Enjoy Tokyo While at TIFF


The two Chinese Films are in competition at the TIFF are getting extremely favorable feedback, which means heavy coverage from the  Sina website. Their cameras followed two young stars, actor Huang Ming and actress Tong Yao to their trips around Tokyo.

I’ve said before that Huang Ming is one of those actors who I really hoped would get a break because he’s awesome in acting and personality, but I didn’t think it’d be when he was only 23, because right now, for various reasons, most mainland Chinese actors only hit it big when they’re close to age 30.  And it is so gratifying to see someone I’ve been rooting to get famous all of a sudden get so many pictures, coverage, interviews…it’s just rare, and for some other actors I like it will probably never happen. Must savor the moment.

As for Tong Yao, all I know is she looks incredibly similar to Zhang Ziyi, except it’s  rumored her acting is better (They’re both from Central Academy of Drama, but I think Zhang Ziyi entered when she was too young.)

First up is Huang Ming at Tokyo Disney. His film is Heaven Eternal Earth Everlasting, directed by newbie director Li Fangfang. I became rather obsessed with the movie after seeing the gorgeous trailer, and I already have a long post written up for it from last week that I will post when the TIFF ends tomorrow morning (for those of us in the western world).  If this movie wins something…there will be spazzing. Just a warning.





Isn’t it amazing how she looks so similar to Zhang Ziyi? I’ve started making a list categorizing the Chinese celebrities by region, because I wanted to see the different regional traits, and since she’s from Kunming, Yunnan, that’s quite confounding since ZZY is from Beijing, and they are on opposite sides of China. But also according to my stats, Tong Yao also has a really decent shot at being a fantastic singer.  She stars in Taipei Snowfall, directed by veteran director, Huo Jianqi , and also stars Wilson Chen-Bolin.  No trailer is availble at the TIFF website.



One of the really nice things about China’s film market growing is that it allows an avenue for talented  young stars to get recognition, instead of toiling for years in the television industry where they have to work at least a decade  to make a name unless they star in a hit idol series, where their loveable characters give them instant fanbase. I hope to see lots talent come out in the next few years!

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  1. Does huang ming made any social media accounts???…I just really loved following actors and actresses on my IG account

  2. Yeah, that’s because modern day idol dramas cost much less to film than say ancient. Ancient requires a more elaborate set and clothes. I feel like TW stayed with that niche…and then mainland series moved around the niches that weren’t already filled.

    Frankly I think the majority of the famous TW indie film directors move really pretentiously and slow. To use a cliche, I would rather watch paint dry than watch a Hou Hsiao Hsien film because they move at the same pace and only the paint has a real reason to move at that pace. Tsai Ming-liang’s better, but only a little bit, and still a bit disjointedly pretentious. Ang Lee was good, but then he left for American money and prestige. I hope they change the slow-pacing because sometimes, it’s not necessary or artistic, it’s just bad…some of the more youth focused ones are better but the directors aren’t as famous as the aforementioned.

    I’ve cut out most of my tv watching by now so I haven’t seen that episode…I think that episode was to pimp Windows 7.

    Going to study so…will continue this discussion later if anyone wants to. I like talking about the film industry. It converges the best talent in directing, acting, cinematography, production and composing. After watching movies…and then going back to drama it’s so dull, and since there’s a mass influx of Chinese movies I probably won’t be paying attention to drama for a while.

  3. Taiwanese industry is more known for idol dramas. I love watching their indie films, but too bad most of them don’t get too many recognitions. I try watching Hana Kimi (tw version), couldn’t stand it. It’s really hard to find a good idol drama these days. I just watched the first episode of Momo Love, and I find the plotline silly. I guess idol dramas are more for a good laugh rather than being taken serious.

    Btw, have anyone watched Day Day Up episode where they came to America? They done a horrible job putting everything together when they stayed in US. It didn’t flow very well and the jokes were really cheesy =/ i found it to be quite embarassing =x

  4. Vivian Hsu did nude pics? I never knew that. Maybe it’s harder for TW to find actors that are both really hot and great actors. Because there’s not a particular establishment that trains the actors like Central Academy of Drama, etc…even if the Chinese actors suck going in, they come out at least half-way decent after four years of study there.

    Jay though…I like him because he really doesn’t just do the acting job, he also gets projects going, and he tried getting people to invest in Taiwanese movies (they didn’t). Secret remains one of my favorite Taiwanese films and gave the scene a much needed boost from the more slow paced indie that TW films are known for. He’s also doing that Pandaman series.

    To me, he creates more acting jobs in the industry than he takes and he always is trying to bring something new to the Chinese entertainment scene, like Superheroes, or action-adventure movies. He might fail, but at least he doesn’t take the worn-out route and brings variety.

  5. ………..Wu Zun acts in movies? n-nooo.. I tried to watch Hana Kimi Tw to see what the buzz was about and it was just unbearable. Ella, too. She should stick to singing. Wu Zun should stick to… nothing. Kissing his muscles. Why the hell is he famous!

    I was very surprised that Vivian Hsu could act. I kind of thought of her as a (slightly older) member of the idol group. Nude pics or not, she’s adorable.

    It’s a shame about Taiwan’s film industry. You’d think that the idol dramas would consequently showcase better acting. It feels like they give out roles to people in the music and/or model industry but not…in drama. Why? Because they’ve already got exposure? It bewilders me. It made me flinch that Jay Chou acted in a high budgeted film like Curse of Golden Chrysanthemum opposite Gong Li of all people! I mean Jay amazing as a musician but only as a musician. Half the time I search up some asian celebrity on wikipedia some variation of this list comes up: Actor/singer/director/model/song writer/author/violinist/blah. Do everyone a favor. Stick to what you’re good at and top hogging all the jobs of the world.

    Yikes. Somehow this became a rant.

  6. Lol…I read your review of that too! Will be linking to both when I talk about each film.

    Thanks for all the coverage and thanks for dropping by!

  7. I laughed out loud when Snowfall in Taipei deliberately made the comparisons between Tong Yao’s May character and ZZY… it’s quite true!

  8. Because movies, cost much more than music and television and TW doesn’t have the investment to have a big movie industry, so not that many film actors are there. Notice how both Takeshi Kaneshiro and Chen Bolin work in HK. Also, to be blunt, most of the young actors from TW idol dramas are not good enough for film, and can’t transition easily. Bryant Chang is awesome and one of the ones I can think of, and Eddie Peng too, but otherwise…no.

    I have absolutely no idea how Wu Zun is managing to make that leap. It’s mind-boggling. Stupid Jingle-ma.

    But yeah…I wish Taiwanese film actors like Chang Chen and Bryant Chang and Chen Bolin were more recognized. Because they pwn their counterparts in the idol dramas. Same with the women. I adore the Taiwanese film actresses like Rene Liu, Gui Lunmei, Vivian Hsu. And you know what? They’re all smart…like how is Rainie so loved when you have such brilliance in films? This is why sometimes I wish idol dramas didn’t exist. They’re ok for stress relief, but gah…the quality is so much better elsewhere from the acting to the actors as role models.

    I need to shut up before I burn all bridges with any people who still come to this site.

  9. Awesome can’t wait for the post! Why is it difficult for young Taiwanese actors to get movie roles? After Blue Gate I went crazy trying to find out more about Chen Bo Lin but it’s disappointing how little there is about the guy. On the other hand, Wu Zun seems to have half a million websites about him. Sigh.

    Next year??? Damn it. This is why I hate finding out about movies way before they come out. The anticipation kills me. Hmph

  10. Who didn’t love Wilson in Blue Gate Crossing? I agree, I liked him so much and still do but it’s sad seeing him in one stinker after another. But he is still one of the few young Taiwanese actors who has made a name in movies, and so he’s still doing pretty well compared to idol drama actors who would probably kill to work in movies, even the flops.

    Once I’m less busy, I am going to do on a post on all the upcoming Romance films in China (there’s a lot!) and I will talk about Snowfall in Taipei a bit more. It’s also has gotten very good feedback, and will probably be Chen Bolin’s best thing since Blue Gate, but Heaven Eternal Earth Everlasting is the one people are saying has a chance at awards.

    As for Heaven Eternal Earth Everlasting, it will be in theaters in China next year according to Huang Ming in an interview. Hopefully he means early next year.

  11. oh wow the trailer looks stunning. You’re making me want to watch this very badly! Is it available yet?

    I loved Chen Bo-Lin from Blue Gate Crossing but I feel like he totally wasted his talent with films like Bug Me Not and Kungfu Dunk or whatever. Do you know anything about Snowfall in Taipei? I’d love to check that out too.

  12. @Jo I think he’s done one other movie but it wasn’t very famous. He’s done quite a few series though…series that weren’t very famous. It’s not a hard life being a Chinese actor…you can get work almost always, and get paid well, but achieving fame is hard.

    I can’t tell the different between her and ZZY neither, except maybe her face is a bit rounder. It depends on how she does her hair. When it’s down like this, they’re basically twins.

    Sucks for Tong Yao…she’ll have to work extra hard to get out of ZZY’s shadow. At least ZZY is just sort of average in acting, not great like Zhou Xun. Li Xiaolu’s never coming out of that shadow…

  13. Huang Ming sort of reminds me of Joe Cheng.
    I can’ differentiate between Ziyi and the her pictures. I thought they were all the same person. O___O hmm, i need to get my eyes check.

  14. Aw, Huang Ming is a cutie. He has a great smile. And I love the little Mickey hat he’s got. ;) Do you know any other movies he’s done?

    And yeah, I can definitely see similarities between her and Zhang Ziyi. Kind of unsettling at first glance, haha.

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