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In her most impressive album so far, Laure Shang Wenjie brings out the richness of her voice in TimeLady. Thanks to Jane leaving, Laure took over basically half of all Huayi’s theme songs. Of the ten songs in her new album, five are movie/TV series theme songs, and one is the theme for a commercial. While it’s sad that Jane couldn’t have sung some of them, they make Laures’s album quite exceptional.

You can and definitely should  listen to her whole album by copy and pasting the following onto your browser:
Make sure you continue and listen to all the songs. Her voice is beautiful.

Amis – lyrics by Laure Shang:

Laure Shang’s albums shows both the ability of Huayi Brothers to produce good music due to its strong film and tv department and also the necessity of not over-stretching a company. I really wished Jane stayed in Huayi because a comparison of Laure and Jane’s projects since Jane has left shows that Laure has had increasing quality in her works while Jane’s epic theme songs and classy outfits seems to have only dwindled.

The other two first places - Li Yuchun and An Youqi

2004 1st and 2005 1st place Super Girl winners waiting for Laure Shang

As for reducing over-stretching, that seems to be something that Long Danni has realized. Recently, 2004 Super Girl winner An Youqi has just ended her contract with eeMedia and will not continue it. Since taking power of eeMedia, other than ending the contract with Yang Lei, He Jie and Chen Chusheng, Long Danni has also outsourced the record companies of Wang Zhengliang (to Show City Music) , Tan Weiwei (to Hurray) and Allen Su Xing (to Sony). This is in addition to artists already outsourced to Taihe Rye (Li Yuchun), Seed (Wang Yuexin and Amu) and DoReMi(Top Combine and Yu Haoming). One of the main goals of Super Girls 2009 seemed also to be for eeMedia to outsource not only the record contract but also the management contract to its partner companies.
I think this is really the future of eeMedia because it produces so many talents that it cannot manage them all. Both eeMedia, their partners and the industry as a whole would profit from the splitting up of the Super Girls and Boys contestants into different companies. This way, the other companies can also benefit from the fame and talent from the Super Girls/Boys while the contestants will be given more individual attention. By feeding to other companies, eeMedia also gains prestige and monetary gain. Not to mention the fact it would finally be able to focus only on the artists it want.

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  1. The commercial makes Bailey’s look like liquid caramel chocolate (that’s a compliment, btw).

  2. Well, most of them still have management contracts with eeMedia.

    But the only major artists with album contracts right now are Zhang Jie, Xu Fei and maybe Wei Chen (he doesn’t have an album…and he just got switched to TC/YHM’s manager who works with DoReMi.

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