Huayi Stars sing live wonderfully and terribly

It’s times like this when you learn to appreciate the difference between a good voice and an average one, and the value of hardwork. Laure Shang Wenjie’s voice definitely stood out as the one gifted with a beautiful voice. Even Cong Haonan, a decent singer normally (and from Sichuan Conservatory of Music, too), made me annoyed when him singing meant the end of Laure’s segment.

Then there’s the contrast between Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing. Neither were born singers, but from his other recent live and this, it’s obvious he’s been through major practicing. Li Bingbing obviously haven’t, but that’s forgivable since she’s not a singer.

Wouldn’t the performance have been so much better if Laure Shang just sung the whole song? I feel like this is one of the really annoying new trends in entertainment – group songs that aim to have maximum manpower and minimum quality. While it certainly worked out in Beijing Welcomes You and sometimes shows the unity and large amount of talented signers, there are times when you just want to enjoy a song rather than a collage of people. This is especially true on CCTV’s Spring Gala, which, in recent years, have opted to have groups of ten pop artists singing half a song each when really, Zhang Jie or even BOBO could sing all of those songs in a much more fluent performance.

And if you were disappointed by the lack of BOBO interaction like me, here’s a fancam where they did gaze into each other’s eyes with love like Vivian Hsu and Huang Xiaoming adorably demonstrated.

6 thoughts on “Huayi Stars sing live wonderfully and terribly

  1. Nothing in particular. But they both seem to love, or at least really want to learn things, which isn’t found too often in guys their age, but it seems like they haven’t grown to love being entertainers yet, and certainly not enough to get creatively involved at the moment. And it seems a shame to waste what potentials they have in other areas if they really want it.

    I’d really miss their voices though. Their harmonization was so soothing and they always remind me of that pure, simple, friendship that stood out when I first saw them.

  2. You know what I just realized? For a sec, the Wang Zhonglei-lookalike of Yu Quan and Vivian Hsu had a gazing moment.

    And Li Bingbing looks really pretty in that outfit, especially since she was the only one with colors.

    Yu Quan’s so cute together. I wish BOBO will become like them in ten years.

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