Happy 70th birthday to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music!


clockwise from upper left: Li Yuchun, Li Yundi, He Jie, Tan Weiwei, Pan Hongyue, Wei Chen, Alan, Ma Xueyang (Top Combine)

What do world-class pianoists Li Yundi, Super Girl and Boys Li Yuchun (1st), He Jie (4th), Tan Weiwei(2nd), Wei Chen(3rd), Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang, Pan Hongyue and Alan Dawadolma all have in common?

They came from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, the school we’re all biased for. In an unofficial count, around half of all mainland singers who have good vocals are either from Sichuan or went to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. In the last four Super Girl/Boy competitions, 9 out of the 16 top 4 singers fit in the above category.

For their school’s birthday, Li Yuchun, He Jie and Wei Chen performed free on the 14th in a “national singing competition winner’s concert” hosted by the school of pop music. Li Yundi performed at another concert on the 13th.

Here’s to Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Happy birthday, and may you produce many more talented students.

Wei Chen singing a song that really grew on me, but may never be released because Le Huo Nan Huo didn’t do good enough.

Pictures of them at the concert below the cut


He Jie wore black because she’s still emo. Wei Chen wore black because he wanted to match with He Jie because they’re meant to be. With what was left of her telepathy with He Jie, Li Yuchun also picked up on the black part, but not the suit. And that’s how He Jie’s emoness made black a theme for such a happy event.


15 thoughts on “Happy 70th birthday to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music!

  1. so there is cds out for it, but it doesn’t seem to have the “Grow Up” song in the album? how do we order from amazon.cn do they ship overseas? i actually recalled seeing posts about LHNH albums sales @YHM tieba

  2. Why isn’t that album publicized? I haven’t seen anything about in Wei Chen or Hunan TV’s tieba.

  3. @nancy
    I’m not sure how it did, but surely not good. There have been almost no data on its box office.
    Such a pity, because that would’ve made a much nicer album than the red album.

  4. @cfensi oh thanks for answering my question so it bomb in the box office? i was checking some baidu tieba and there wwere evening LHNH sequel possibly and yeah i love that song!!! when they did promos for the mvoies that song was stuck in my head

  5. I don’t know, he’s super talented and it could benefit him and let both him and eemedia become more known internationally, which could give them more recognition and also more money so they can produce more great artists and make more movies/dramas (ahem tiny times LOL)

    But it can totally be achieved domestically as well

  6. @idarklight

    I just realized you left out Li Yundi’s face in the picture, and he’s so cute! Sichuan Conservatory really pumped out some very handsome talented guys.


    Argh I want to watch it but no time this week!. I would like an album, but overall it doesn’t matter to me. Wang Yuexin loves music, and does what he can to hone his skill without needing outside guidance, kind of like Zhang Jie so it’s enough for me to feel confident that he’ll release an album one day, just because he’ll fight for it. And honestly, setbacks are good for growth I think. He’s struggled comparatively little since he’s so young. Let him learn patience. All of my favorite artists didn’t have smooth paths to success, but just an overwhelming drive to pursue music because they loved it too much.


    Why do you want him popular in Japan? I don’t think many Japanese people know him…but some know Kimi? At least they took pics of him when he was at the Tokyo Film Festival. And Kimi’s going on TTXS! I can’t wait. Chengtian must be on decent terms with eeMedia, unlike Hua Yi.

  7. ^Wei chen is going to japan? For a debut? Or for a break?
    I actually kind of want him to be popular in japan? Do Japanese people know much about him?

  8. @lol

    She’s currently in Japan, so we don’t post as much about her. She’s currently in Avex and sings mainly in Japanese, but has also released a Chinese album. Her songs are like Tibetan-influenced Jpop.

    She has also worked with Wei Chen (they knew each other before from a competition). They’re one of the many Wei Chen OTP’s. Wei Chen’s going to Japan soon to see her.
    My favorite song by her:

  9. I saw this week’s episode of Yi Hu Bai Ying. Wang Yue Xin is in it… I found the episode quite sad. I hope he can release an album soon.

  10. could you please post more on alan? i am still discovering many chinese artists thanks to your site :) and she is the only one on here who i dont have an idea of…


  11. @nancy – the film “le huo nan hai” that all the boys were in. This sucks. I want to slap everyone who didn’t support it, because honestly, this really kills the potential for the 3-D musical market that I was really hoping would find a niche in China. >:( The reviews weren’t even bad…how did they suck so much in promotions for this? That’s eeMedia’s forte!

    And I kept singing along to “长大了” and I desperately need an mp3 that I will never have.

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