Chinese FilmStars at the Pusan and Tokyo Film Festivals and the Golden Rooster

China’s Film Stars are spread out all over Asia! I decided to do a quick photo post to locate all of them…first is Pusan, because not that  many Chinese people that went, and also it came first chronologically, so it’s easier to just get it out of the way.


The Message cast in Pusan: Alec Su, Huang Xiaoming, and Li Bingbing

And the 2/3 and 1/3 of the botched Chengdu, I Love You movie was reunited kind of, at Busan, where not only Chengdu, I Love You stars, Tan Weiwei, Anya and Guo Tao promoted their film, but the runaway segment, Season of Good Rain‘s, cast, with Jung Woosung and Gao Yuanyuan, lighted up the red carpet. I wonder if there was any awkwardness, like “Sorry I sort of ditched you guys and made your 2/3 a big incomplete mess, but oh well! For the good of Chengdu right?”


Season of Good Rain stars and director

Actress Zhang Jingchu was also apparently there to promote a film of hers, and I don’t follow her so I don’t really remember what it was (Red River?) but she had an interview I liked. I never understood how she became so famous, but she seems very smart and quite eloquent.

Tokyo International Film Festival

I love that they have a green carpet.

The Wheat cast promoting their film.


Wheat cast L-R Huang Jue, Wang Jiajia, Fan Bingbing, and director He Ping

The Mulan Cast. Chen Kun, your hair makes me want to cry. Your outfit too, but especially your hair.


L-R director Jingle Ma, Jaycee Chan, Vicky Zhao Wei, and Chen Kun

Prior to uglification his hair, he was accosted by Japanese fans at the airport. Them holding up the little Chinese flag with the word “Kun” in it is the cutest thing:



I was very pleasantly surprised to see Huang Ming at the Tokyo Film Festival, and for a film in competition no less, Tian Chang Di Jiu (Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting). Huang Ming is one in that long, long list of Chinese actors who I really like but never seems to get famous. He was hand-picked by drama producer Hai Yan, but unlike other Hai Yan-propped star, Zhang Junning, he has never gotten much attention. Which is a pity because even thought he’s not as hot, he’s still quite cute, definitely the better actor, and has a very funny, lively persona off-screen. I hope his movie wins something just so he’ll be more noticed.


The other Chinese-language film in competition was co-production Taipei Snow Fall starring Wilson Chen Bo-lin and Tong Yao, and directed by Beijinger Huo Jianqi whose done similarly slow-paced, romantic films like A Time to Love. I could not find a better picture of the three.


For some inexplicable reason, Kimi Qiao Renliang‘s film, One Night in Supermarket ended up in the festival, out of competition, but still…really? It was an extremely hilarious, but sort of commercial. Nevertheless, I’m happy for him and all the crew.  Kimi celebrated his 22nd birthday in Tokyo with crew members and Lu Yi (not pictured, but he’s to the left of the pic) were there to help celebrate as well. They surprised Kimi with a cake.  He didn’t think they knew it was his birthday and was very thankful that they cared so much about a newcomer to the biz like him. Awww…


The Golden Rooster Awards at Nanchang, Jiangxi

Because Sohu covered this, all the pics are much more HQ than lame Sina’s. And  not everyone was decked in black, I just ended up picking some people that were. Sorry.

After a sluggish start where people complained there were no celebrities, they all started showing up. People in attendance:  Nick Cheung, Feng Xiaogang, Dong Jie and Pan Yueming, Dong Xuan and even Alec Su, straight from Pusan, arrived. Zhou Xun was there as well, and finally got her best actress award (although she had to share it). List of winner and more here.  I’m sure someone will translate the winners list so I won’t bother.


Newlywed couple Xia Yu and Yuan Quan were also there.


Kitty Zhang Yuqi, star of Stephen Fung directed Jump, arrived with the actor/director.


Child Star Xu Jiao and Feng Yuanzheng, an actor from If You Are the One that stole the movie for me, were also there.


Andthey also had Wu Zun who, just continues to show up to film events, like the Golden Horse,Shanghai Film Festival, etc, etc


And Deng Chao shows just why his hometown, Nanchang, even though not “international” like the fancy film festivals, is better. When you give Deng Chao a duty, he really goes above and beyond.  Not only did he sing for the awards, but he also  prepared a dance segment. At the Central Academy of Drama, supposedly he had a natural flair for it. ROFL…I can’t stop laughing at the picture. Could I love you anymore than I do now? More pics of him dancing here.


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  1. i want to slap the person that did chen kun’s hair and Li Bingbing looks beautiful. it’s nice to see sun li and deng chao together :) makes my day

  2. Deng Chao and Sun Li picture!

    They look so happy with each other. And the way he held her hand is so natural and comfortable.

    Most of the Tokyo girls had weird dresses…especially Fan Bingbing.

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