Chengdu cast full of love


Other than HQ dramas and series, much better interviews and a superior icon (cute fox versus creepy eye, make your pick), Sohu has just gave us another reason why it’s so much better than Sina. Only Sohu can follow the cast of “Chengdu I love You” from Chengdu to Venice to Korea, and shoot exclusive photoshoots that range from a masquerade ball to this.

I think many times, people point to China, especially mainland, as the focal point of intolerance. I beg to differ. Especially in the field of gender equality, I feel like China is ahead of the US in many urban areas. Fifty years ago, my American math teacher knew that the only routes available for girls like her were teaching and nursing. At the same time, my grandmother went to college and majored in geology. The cultural revolution may have done many bad things, but it definitely pushed for gender equality. I grew up not even thinking that I could be anything less than my male counterparts. I never even realized that girls were suppose to be inferior in strengths, mathematics or science until I came to the United States. Rural areas may be less lucky, but with ads like this, surely they’ll change.
In terms of acceptance of homosexuality, China obviously has a long way to go, but so does the rest of the world. Plus, Shanghai had its first gay pride festival in June.


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  1. My grandmother in Guangzhou was the head of a factory that specialized in food packaging too, my aunt is the supervisor of a steel company… :) I’m glad you brought this up, I remember my history teacher asking me a few years ago about how women were treated. It shocked me how ignorant he was- But I tried to correct him ;)

  2. My grandmother majored in accounting. To this day she controls all the finances of the family. She would also count her money and go over bank statements obsessively though as she got older.

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